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Half Cooked Chapathi | Frozen Chapathi Recipe | Ready To Cook Chapathi |ഫ്രോസൺ ചപ്പാത്തി



Hai friends, welcome back to sweetytangyspicy Today's recipe is ready to cook chapathi recipe also called frozen chapathi or ready to use chapathi you can store this chapathi for long time and can use whenever you need also explained the perfect way of keeping them fresh for long time if you feel this video informational please do like, share and subscribe take 2 cups of wheat flour in a bowl Add enough salt you can add some sugar, if you prefer But I am not using today next ingredient is very important as it affect softness oil for two cups of wheat flour pour two tablespoons of oil please do not omit this ingredient otherwise the chapaties will turn harder with time use one tablespoon oil per one cup wheat flour For longer shelf life, use any odourless oil of your choice otherwise you can use coconut oil or ghee Mix well You can store this chapati for up to two weeks in deep freezer four to five days in fridge for longer shelf life , deep freeze them add water little by little and make loose dough like this then knead with your hands at least for five minutes until you get a soft dough dough is ready soft and non-sticky like this apply some oil then cover with a wet cloth this will keep the dough moist then set aside for thirty minutes after thirty minutes dough will be softer and elastic knead again for two minutes the dough will look smooth and stretchy the consistency of batter should be like this then only you will get soft chapathies then make small and smooth equal sized balls like this apply some flour slightly flatten with your hands Then roll into small flat round discs apply more flour if necessary heat a pan over high flame Once hot, reduce the flame to medium low put rolled chapathies Wait till it color changes flip cook for two minutes flip again you can see small bubbles on top Take a plate and spread all the half cooked chapathies wait till it cools Make sure, the chapathies are completely cool then we can put this on a plastic or steel container zip bags and plastic bags are best for storage transfer in a container and refrigerate Frozen chapaties are ready now Let us discuss some tips to cook these frozen chapaties This batch I kept in the refrigerator last day it seems to be little bit harder but this batch, I kept in deep freezer for last one week this is harder than the previous batch but don't worry spread this in a plate wait till it come to room temperature otherwise, microwave for one minute when the chapaties come to room temperature chapaties will look like this soft leave it out side for one or two hours before using then cook them as usual Make sure, the chapaties are completely cool apply some oil/ ghee after cooking to keep them moist and soft for long time

Otherwise, use immediately A few tips knead the dough well don't forget to include oil while making the dough recook the frozen chapaties only after they come to room temperature hope, you enjoyed this video please like, share and convey your opinions if not subscribed yet, please subscribe my channel and click the bell icon will meet you soon with another yummy recipe, bye

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New Cookery Recipes
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