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Sawadi Ka everyone ! Monday, new recipe ! In Thailand, we're not really into Halloween It starts to be celebrated here and there But not that much However, even if I'm one week late I wanted to do something related to Halloween for you guys So, today I am going to cook traditional Thai dessert with pumpkin The name is Sangkaya Fak Thong It is sweet custard stuffed into a whole pumpkin that will be steamed Are you ready ? Let's go ! Today we don't need much ingredients We need coconut milk Salt Duck eggs Chicken eggs Panda-nut leaves Palm sugar And of course pumpkin You have to open the top of pumpkin with a knife So, start cleaning the topper Use a spoon to clean up the pumpkin seeds Make sure you clean your pumpkin properly inside But also outside Since you can also eat pumpkin skin Ok, now that the pumpkin is ready, let's start the custard Putt eggs into a big bowl, mix it well Then, add coconut milk, palm sugar, salt and panda-nut leaves Quick tip : if you want to make your life easier, put the palm sugar in microwave 1 minute before mixing You have to mix everything very well and squeeze the panda-nut leaves So it gives a good smell to the custard Pay extra attention to palm sugar It has to be perfectly mixed with the rest Is it ok now ? Is your custard smooth enough ? So now I will use a strainer to filter the remaining too big chunks By doing that, you will have an even more smooth custard Now, pour the custard into the pumpkin Boil water in your steamer Once it's hot, put your pumpkin and switch to medium heat Cook for 45 minutes Tadaaaaa Now, you are wondering, right ? What ? This is not the same clothes And you are right! Because my pumpkin was a quite big one So it takes time to cook I cooked it for 1 and a half hour I strongly advise you to chose a smaller pumpkin Then, it was night time, too dark to continue filming So I just decided to leave it in the fridge for the setting of the custard (overnight) So, let's cut it ! Be very gentle with your pumpkin (laughs) I think it's kaput (Cy and Nin laughing) And voila, bon appetit ! When, unlike me, you don't fail (because of size of the pumpkin probably) You can either serve the whole pumpkin and cut it on the table Or cut it before If you ask me, I prefer cutting it before Like that, if you mess up, nobody will know It's a good example of real life When you cook, sometimes it will fail It happens ! Anyway, please subscribe if you haven't already, leave a comment; I really like reading and talking with you guys Share to your friends, family, pets, neighbors, everyone ! Annnnnnnd Chop that like button Happy Halloween, thank you for watching, see you next Monday Kob Kun Ka, bye bye ! Well, it's not a custard It's more like a cream But it's still good I like it !

Source: Youtube

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