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Hanoi Vietnam Food Tour | BÚN CHẢ NEM – Vietnamese Grilled Pork With Vermicelli



Hello guys, I’m My and welcome back to Hanoi – Vietnam Food & Travel If you come to Hanoi, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful landscapes and the friendly people

There is an indispensable part that you should not miss when you come here, which is the culinary culture of Hanoi In the previous video, I’ve introduced to you the specialties, which were originated from Hanoi including the vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste, Pho and egg coffee And in today food tour, there will be no exception We will talk about another specialty, which also was originated from Hanoi No one knows when and by whom this dish was invented, but everybody knows that this is really famous and popular in Hanoi

Its reputation even reached to America when a President visited to Hanoi and tried this dish Can you guess what the dish is? Yeah, it’s Bun Cha Let’s follow me and see how that President fell in love with the dish OK, let’s go! Here I’m standing right opposite number 25 on Gia Ngu St, and this is a small diner of Bun Cha

You know what? Bun Cha is a street food originally According to my experience, when it is a street food, you should only eat it on street or in a small diner like this This is one of the most famous diner in Hanoi So let’s follow me inside to order a delicious dish of Bun Cha, OK? So my Bun Cha has arrived, and I’m mouth-watering at the moment because I’m so hungry You know what? If I’m not mistaken, Bun Cha was invented about a century ago, but it’s still popular and famous in Vietnam

The Vietnamese, especially the Hanoians, eat Bun Cha a lot Here when you order a full portion of Bun Cha, you’ll have a plate of vermicelli, a bowl of broth with papayas, carrots and inside we have grilled pork, and a dish of vegetables We can also order spring rolls and we’ll have a bowl of sauce for the spring rolls as well This is a full set of Bun Cha and it’s really delicious And you can also order some kinds of drink in summer, it’ll make you feel fresher

Before I start eating Bun Cha, there is several ways for you to eat this The first one is you can put the vegetables and vermicelli inside the broth bowl, just dip it inside and eat them all along with the meat The second one is you can put them in a small bowl, put the vermicelli, the vegetables and the meat in a small bowl, take some broth into your bowl and eat The third one is the Korean one that you can take a fresh leaf of lettuce and grab the vermicelli, vegetables and meat inside, and dip it in the sauce and taste it But I prefer the first one because when you dip all the vegetables and the vermicelli inside the broth bowl

The vermicelli and vegetables will absorb the flavor of the broth and make the dish better So I’ll just start eating I’ll put some vermicelli inside here Inside the broth bowl, we have 2 different kinds of meat, which is, this one is grilled thin pork, and another looks like meatball And we also have some pickled papayas and carrots as well Vegetables will help neutralize and ease the strong flavor of the sauce

The fat is crispy, but the meat is a bit soft, a bit chewy The meatballs and the thin pork here are really well-seasoned and perfectly You know what, the highlight of Bun Cha is the broth It is diluted and add some vinegar and sugar But the portion of all the elements is really difficult to make

Now I’d try the spring rolls I’m a big fan of spring rolls because they’re super delicious When you eat the spring rolls, you’ll hear the sound ‘crack… crack…’ on the cover of rice leaf because it’s really crust It’s still hot inside because it’s newly fried When you order it, the owner of this diner will refry it and make it hotter and warmer when you eat it

There’re a lot of ingredients inside the spring rolls that make it sweet and juicy They are mushrooms, meat, beansprouts, I guess, and maybe some kinds of vegetables If you come to Vietnam, you may be in love with this spring rolls Obama said when he tried this dish 2 years ago, in 2016, He said that: “This is killer!” and this is truly a killer for me And I know that lots of Hanoians are addicted to this dish, my family, me, my friends, lots of people

So if you come to Vietnam, just don’t miss this dish It won’t let you disappoint I guess that’s all for today Thank you so much for following me and goodbye!

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