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hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome it to new video in today's video I'm showing you some healthy desserts they are so good guys I'm really excited for this video and dessert are probably one of my most popular videos so if you haven't yet make sure you hit that red subscribe button so you don't miss any future videos from me and follow on Instagram as well because I'm always posting my meals there recipes and I'm going to be doing giveaways on there a lot so make sure you go and follow there so that you don't miss that yeah I think that's it let's just get into the yummy dessert so the first thing we're making is this strawberry rhubarb crisp I'm starting off with some strawberries and I'm going to be slicing them up now strawberries are part of the Dirty Dozen so if you can it's a really great thing to buy organic all berries in general are part of the Dirty Dozen but if you can't frozen is also a really good option to just make sure you buy the sliced frozen frozen and not be a whole frozen so I'm gonna put that into a bowl and then we are going to chop up our rhubarb if you've never had rhubarb before rhubarb is a bit more sour than other fruits and it has a lot of fiber it's great for digestion and I really love the compliment of the rhubarb with the strawberry so you're gonna go ahead and add your chopped rhubarb into your strawberries and rhubarb is in season now guys so starting April is in season I'm adding in the juice of half of a lemon which really helps to develop the flavors of the strawberry and the rhubarb but it's also alkalizing and great for digestion too I'm adding in a couple of tablespoons of tapioca flour and tapioca flour works really well to kind of absorb the juices and any kind of water that releases from the fruit as you cook it so this way you don't get a really watery crisp otherwise you might get like really you know loose and there's all the juice that comes out but like not in a good way so this kind of helps to really cook them in a nice way so don't skip this step guys it's integral then I'm putting that in it to a baking dish and you're gonna see that it fills it up most of the way but that's what we want coz want it to be mainly fruit to make the topping I'm using some almond flour I love almond flour because it's high in protein fiber you get lots of vitamin E and it's gluten free and paleo I'm also using some coconut flour which is a very absorptive flour some Himalayan salt to bring up the sweetness of the fruit and the topping as well some cinnamon which is gonna help to buzz your blood sugar and also add some great flavor as well as a couple tablespoons of coconut sugar which is an unrefined sugar so it's a great sugar to use in baking then I'm adding in some coconut oil and you want to make sure that you add the coconut oil not melted so you want the solid version like this and that's because when we mix up our crumble you want it to still look crumbly and not be like runny if that makes sense so when the coconut oil melts it'll make it runny then I'm adding in a little bit of maple syrup which has tons of antioxidants it's great for your immune system as well and also it just helps to bind the crust a little bit once that's all in my bowl I'm just going to stir it up until I get a nice creamy mixture and top that on top of the fruit and kind of press down just to make sure it all sticks together and it's going to cook evenly then once it's baked you can scoop it out and once it's golden brown that's when you know to take it out and you can bake it directly as it is you don't need to cover it with tinfoil first and my house smelled so good when I was making this it was so hard not to like a sample it before shooting these little shots here but let's go ahead and have a taste all right guys so once it's done it is time for the taste I'm so excited I love strawberry rhubarb mm-hmm it's sweet but not too sweet because it's a natural of the fruit you get that Tang cause of the rhubarb like I would even have this for breakfast let alone dessert it's so delicious I'm so happy rhubarb is in season I'm definitely gonna make this like a lot more times this year all right so the next thing we're making is a skillet brownie if you guys haven't seen my skillet cookie video make sure you watch that because I was so obsessed with that recipe I made it like at least five times so this one time we're making a brownie version I'm using some eggs you can try flax eggs though I haven't and then I'm adding in some coconut sugar which is gonna be the sweetener in these brownies again it's a lower glycemic unrefined sugar so it's the choice that I use in baking and then I'm using some coconut oil which is a great medium chain triglyceride it helps you to burn fat it helps to turn off cravings and it helps to keep you satisfied a little splash of then person flavor and also some antioxidants and then I'm just going to whisk that all together until it's all combined and all smooth then I'm gonna add in the cacao and cacao is super rich in lots of different antioxidants and it's unsweetened too so just make sure you get like an unsweetened cacao or a cocoa powder to add the chocolate in this to this without adding any sugar to it and then we're just going to whisk the vibe until it's smooth and you don't have any clumps because we don't want any dry clumps in our brownies and then I'm going to be adding in almond flour you can use an oat flour a brown rice flour a cast of a flour just anything but coconut flour basically in the substitute then I'm adding in some baking soda which is just gonna help it rise and kind of make like that brownie cakey texture so then just fold in the rest of the dry ingredients until you get a nice smooth batter and everything is mixed in well but don't over mix I'm taking up my skillet that I sprayed with some coconut oil and I'm transferring the batter in it to the skillet if you don't have a skillet you can just as easily cook this in like a normal brownie pan or a cake pan just make sure it's roughly the same size mine was 16 inches wide and round so just make sure that it's about the same size otherwise the cook time 8 berry I'm going to spread that out on to the edges so that it's covering the whole skillet and once it's done you will have this gorgeous brownie cake it lifts and Rises quite a bit so as you can see my knife goes in quite deep and you get this perfect brownie and just so delicious guys it's so yummy so let's go and have a taste alright guys let's have a taste mm-hmm it's chocolatey but not too sweet you get that like chocolate satisfaction but it's made with good ingredients you can even put some coconut ice cream on the top I like ones that are just dairy-free just coconut milk real natural ingredients you can go to like a health food store and get some but this is delicious you definitely don't even need the ice cream I would just eat this like by itself it is delicious and last but certainly not least we're making these cookie dough bars I'm obsessed with them they're so delicious I'm using 1 cup of cashews and putting that into a blender with a cup of hemp arts or hemp seeds both of them have great healthy fats in them they've got omegas they're just gonna help keep you full and help keep you satisfied because that's what you want in snack you want protein in fact then I'm adding in some ground flax which is gonna give us some fiber and as I always say fiber helps keep you full and it just really like in your stomach it kind of puffs up and really makes you feel like full then I'm adding in some maple syrup for a little bit of sweetness the maple syrup has tons of antioxidants is also great for your immune system a little bit of vanilla again which adds flavor and also some antioxidants and a pinch of Himalayan salt which you guys know it was kind of my kitchen staple salt and then I'm adding in some paleo chocolate chunks these are just dairy-free ones and to the batter after I've blended it and then just stirring that around to kind of get them distributed once that's done I'm going to make the paleo chocolate topping so I'm using coconut oil and cacao and I'm using equal ratios you guys have seen me make this lots and lots of times before but it's super simple it's like two three ingredients and you can make it in the flash so I'm adding in the coconut oil and the cocoa powder and everything will be listed in the description box below as always I'm adding a splash of vanilla to this as well again just for some flavor and to make it feel more chocolaty then I'm taking my creme up mixture in to a baking dish and we are going to be transferring it all in there and then I'm going to press it down with my hands until we get a nice even layer throughout the whole bottom of the baking dish and be careful because it can get a bit sticky so just make sure you do this gently and you don't get it too stuck up to your hands then I'm going to be pouring the paleo chocolate on the top and just spreading it out a bit to cover the whole thing once it's set in the fridge for about 2 3 hours you will have your cookie dough bars which you can cut up and enjoy and they are so good guys okay let's taste once that you're done you can cut them up and put them in a container to store like I did I like cuz it makes a lot of bars like I would say I got maybe almost 20 of these things so let's have a taste what I love is that they're a little bit sweet so they satisfy that sweet tooth but they're not too sweet and they're the perfect like after dinner or after lunch kind of treat if you want something plus they're low the protein and fat which shouldn't help keep you full and reduce cravings as well so the win-win all around and you can definitely share these friends or make a big batch and make them last for a long long time ok guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below with the next healthy dessert you want me to make a healthy recipe of can be whatever you want um I like making things that you guys want to see so comment what you want me to make down below and the side note for with the strawberries we rub crumble if you don't like rhubarb you can't also do whatever combo of fruit that you like just want to mention that and yep I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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