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hey guys and welcome back to another video I'm back with some healthy desserts you guys seem to love these videos than most don't forget to subscribe if you're new I make tons of healthy delicious recipes that are good for you and taste amazing as well and let's just get right into the recipes so the first one we're making is this apple spice cookie skillet it is delicious and perfect for fall I'm starting off with almond flour this base is similar to my chocolate chip skillet cookie base but we're just gonna make a few twists on them for all the different flavors in this video so I'm using almond flour it's high in protein vitamin E healthy fats it's my favorite flour to bake with along with some baking soda which just helps the cookies kind of rise some Himalayan salt balances your pH it's got lots of different minerals in it and then I'm adding in some apple spice you can also do cinnamon in here as well apple spice just has things like nutmeg and send them in and all those kind of warming spices for the fall a little bit of maple syrup for sweetness along with some vanilla vanilla is just so essential in baking it adds so much great flavor and then I'm adding in some coconut oil which helps it find you definitely want to make sure you melt the coconut oil as well so that it mixes together more smoothly I'm adding in 2 tablespoons of almond butter you can do any kind of nut or seed butter here you can do sunflower seed butter peanut butter or cashew butter whatever you like and then I'm adding in some of an egg you just need one egg or one flax egg whichever you prefer and then you need to mix that together until you get a nice smooth cookie batter and what's gonna make this even more better or the chunks of Apple in this cookie so I'm going to chop up a Honey Crisp apple Honey Crisp is my favorite kind of Apple like by far let alone to bake with I find that it really holds up in both crisps in this cookie skillet and anything like that because you don't want it to get too mushy where it kind of just falls apart into almost applesauce so you want like a nice sturdy Apple like a Honey Crisp so I'm just licensing that into cubes you can definitely take the skin off if you walk but I like keeping the skin on because there's a lot of vitamins and minerals in the skin that you're gonna miss out on if you take it off and it does get nice and soft once we bake so I would keep the skin on if you're ok with that and then I'm just putting that into a skillet if you don't have a cast-iron skillet you can definitely just do this in any kind of round pan but skill is kind of popular for making these types of cookie cakes but like I said either one will work and once that is in the oven cooking I'm just making some cinnamon apples with the other half of the Apple so you put half of it in the cookie and then the other half I'm just gonna Brown them and kind of cook them on the top because I'm gonna put that on top of the cookie itself and we kind of have it's overflowing yummy apples I'm cooking it in a little bit of vanilla ghee and the vanilla G's super delicious put that on top of the cookie drizzle on some coconut butter and you have this perfectly warm apple spice cookie skillet this is definitely one of my favorite recipes I've made lately so I would highly recommend making this one next up we're making a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie so again this is similar to the base of my regular skillet cookie and if you haven't seen that one it's what a go crowd pleaser I've made it for so many friends and family and they all love it so I'll leave that video down below and as well all the recipes for all videos are gonna be down below as well and I'm using again almond flour is my base if you want to substitute this you can just not with coconut flour baking soda Himalayan salt as you guys saw the same bases before but this time we're gonna add in a quarter cup of pumpkin and you want to get pure pumpkin puree not anything with any sugar just 100% pumpkin a couple tablespoons of maple syrup to kind of balance out the pumpkin as well as some coconut oil again it's probably the similar base you guys have seen me meet before of course we need some pumpkin spice which has a blend of cinnamon and cardamom all those great warming spices again an eggs just to bind everything together and then you fold that together and that's going to be your pumpkin cookie base once that's mixed together I'm adding in a couple handfuls of these dairy free chocolate chips I like the ones from enjoy life because they're egg free soy free dairy free they're just free of a lot of allergens so they're really good for baking I got putting that in my skillet but if you don't have a skillet you can use any kind of round baking dish I'm just make sure it's one that's fairly the same size as a cast iron otherwise the baking time will vary and once that's done I'm just drizzling it more with a little bit of chocolate on the top this is totally optional this is so delicious the pumpkin is understated in this so it's not too pumpkin II but it adds a nice flavor to an otherwise like just basic talk to cookie perfect for fall a crowd-pleaser and it freezes well too and lastly we're making a Samoa brownie skillet so I wanted to make a twist on a brownie type skillet and add a little bit something different so I'm using some cacao in place of half of a cup of almond flour that I usually use my base so it's 1/2 a cup of cacao 2 1 1 cup of almond flour and this is what's gonna add the nice chocolate enos to this brownie adding in some baking soda as you guys have seen the other two recipes as well as some vanilla you guys are experts by now at the skillet cookie base and then I'm adding in again 2 tablespoons of almond butter you can do any kind of nut or seed butter you want here and it just really helps to not only make this filling but also helps the texture of the cookie as well coconut oil maple syrup you guys know the show by now and then I'm adding in an egg again you can use a flax egg as well and stirring it back together so what I really like is that you can make a base of this and then just mix up the recipes however you like I added in a little bit of almond milk just because the batter is a bit thicker depending on your cacao powder so I added in about two tablespoons just to make it the perfect consistency and then use you to press that down into your cast iron you want to make sure that you do greased your cast iron beforehand while that's in the oven I'm toasting some coconut and making the caramel so I'm using some vanilla and some dates I blended that together and then I'm going to sprinkle the toasted coconut once that is done from the oven on top so this is gonna make the Samoa part with a little bit of the caramel the toasted coconut and then drizzling it on the top with some melted chocolates and very free and there you go you have your Samoa brownie skillet this is such a twist and a good like alternative to just a basic brownie but you got a little bit of coconut and little bit of melted chocolate so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up and let me know down below any certain recipes that you want me to make or any types of recipes whether you want munchies dinner or anything like that and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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