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hey everyone and welcome back to my channel if you haven't noticed the background is different and that's because I moved so this is my first recipe video in my new place it's really exciting and I'm kind of getting used to like different lighting and stuff like that so bear with me but in today's video we're making three different healthy ice creams I did one last year that was really popular we made mint chip peanut butters chocolate swirl and strawberry strawberry so I'll leave that video down below I've come up with a new base for like my summer ice creams this year it's delicious it's got a little secret ingredient that you're not gonna be able to taste but it's gonna get add lots of nutrients in it for you so if you haven't yet make sure to subscribe as well so you don't miss any future videos and head on over to Instagram as well because I'm gonna be doing more flavors of this ice cream because if we make a base and then I'm gonna add different flavors to it so you don't want to miss all of those in the next couple weeks so make sure you head on over there and yeah I think that's it let's go ahead and make some delicious ice cream so to make the base I'm using a cauliflower which is rich in choline that's gonna improve your memory it's also an anti-inflammatory and then I'm using a banana as well which has potassium great for your circulation and also boosts your energy to make the base nice and creamy and rich I'm using the thick part of a can of coconut milk so you want to put it in the fridge overnight so that the thinner part and then the thick way to separate and you just scoop out all of the thick part from the can into the blender and I love this combo because you get a bit of veggies in from the cauliflower but then you get a little bit of sweetness from the banana and then the coconut milk makes it really nice and rich so the first flavour we are making a salted caramel so to make the caramel sauce I'm using one cup of thick coconut cream along with one cup of coconut sugar now I love coconut sugar because it's lower on the glycemic index and it is an unrefined sugar so it's a great healthier sugar to use so you just whisk that together until it brings it to a boil and then once it to a boil you put it down to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes and you will get this nice like caramel sauce so after I've blended all that up I'm going to layer it in my mason jar with my caramel sauce now you can use any kind of container that you like or of course you can just eat this right away but I'm making a bunch of them that I'm gonna store in the freezer so then you just drizzle some of the caramel sauce on top and it tastes so good and I like to layer it too so that we can kind of swirl it in and so you get some unlike all the different bites and whenever you scoop it out you're gonna get a little bit of caramel so you can just fill up your container and do a little layers of caramel over the top and then any extra caramel sauce you can always put a lot more in or just save it for any other use I sprinkled a little bit of sea salt on the top to the salted caramel is a delish is it just me or a salted caramel just that much better than regular caramel I feel like it definitely is let's have a taste oh my god there's a good drizzle of caramel oh my god it's gonna be so good oh wow that seat salted caramel drizzle really makes a difference the swirl in the ice cream is delicious for the next flavor we are making cookie dough which is probably one of my favorite ice cream flavor is growing up so to make the cookie dough chunks I'm starting off with some almond flour I love it because it's have like a higher fat content so it's gonna say sheet U+ it's full of fiber then I'm adding in a pinch of sea salt and long with some coconut sugar about a tablespoon just for a little bit of sweetness and then I'm adding in a splash of vanilla for flavor and vanilla is also super high in antioxidants stirring that together and then adding in a couple tablespoons of chocolate chips and folding that until it gets all in the batter I'm using my fingers to make little cookie dough chunks that we're just gonna place in the freezer for a little bit so that we can layer them in to our ice cream you don't have to freeze them beforehand but I just feel like it helps them harden up a little bit and then once again with my jar and guys look how creamy that ice cream look it's delicious you could have a right out of the blender as soft syrup or if you want it a bit harder you just have to put it back in the freezer for a few minutes so it can harden up and you just layer on your cookie dough chunks and guys I'm even getting hungry watching this because it just looks so delicious and layering it with more of our ice cream now it is thick once you do it because I was filming and doing all bits the little different flavors it did melt a little bit so like I said if you want it to be a bit harder just pop it back in to the freezer then I'm just finishing off the top with a few more cookie dough chunks and I love the cookie dough chunks because they're not super high in sugar but the healthy fats are gonna help satisfy that craving and they're not gonna leave you hungry you're just gonna feel like you're having delicious cookie dough ice cream all right guys let's go in for the taste the cookie dough Franz tastes just like cookie dough plus the base isn't too sweet but you got a little bit from the banana the creaminess of the coconut definitely don't taste the cauliflower Minges mun is gonna be like my favorite because of all the baked cookie dough chunks and lastly we are making abyss blueberry lavender so to the base I'm adding in a couple teaspoons of culinary lavender I just got it at Whole Foods but you can also get it on Amazon stirring that in and then I also blend it in half a cup of blueberries you can use fresh or frozen in to the base as well so then I'm just putting that all in to my container and then I'm going to finish off the top with just a few blueberries for decoration and a little bit of dried lavender as well and last but not least is our blueberry lavender which I have high hopes for and I think like the floral notes gonna be really good sorry it's hard to like dig into this with one hand I'm gonna put it down now if it gets hard because this one wasn't like it's been in a freezer I'm just like warm it up or let it stand at room temperature for a few minutes it's floral but the hook the notes of lavender isn't too overpowering but it is this really different than anything I've had before or that I see in stores you know I think it with the blueberry it complements it well too you could do different berry but I think blueberry and lavender really go together this one's really nice and I feel like it's sophisticated too cuz it's lavender ok guys I hope you enjoyed that video let me know what your favorite ice cream flavor is down below so I can make it in the future video or I can make it on Instagram something like that my favorite I think if I had to choose one it would be mint chip I love mint chip especially in the summer because it's super refreshing so if you want to see that one that one is down below yeah I hope you guys are all having a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye guys

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