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Healthy Ice Cream Sandwiches | vegan paleo desserts



so welcome back to another video today I am showing you guys ice cream sandwiches three different ways because it's summer if it's hot like it is where I live it's scorching and these are the perfect like cool treat for when it's super hot outside and they're really fun so I've got three different ones for you guys I'm gonna leave my healthy desserts playlist down below as well as my free healthy dessert ebook that you should definitely download if you haven't because you get free healthy desserts in an e-book so it's a win-win let's go ahead and get right into it so the first Ice Cream Sandwich we're making is this cookie dough version I'm starting off with coconut flour and to that I'm adding in a pinch of Himalayan salt which brings out the sweetness a little bit of vanilla for flavor as well as a tablespoon of maple syrup and then I'm going to be adding in some almond butter but you can do any kind of nut or seed butter that you have these are really great because they're high in healthy fats loaded with vitamin E and it's gonna help satisfy and keep you full which is keys you're not having all those cravings so just fold all of those ingredients together and then you'll get a nice cookie dough mixture now you can definitely also bake this if you wanted a cooked cookie ice cream sandwich but we're making a raw cookie dough version then I'm adding in some dairy free sugar free chocolate chunks I use the Lily's brand I get a lot of questions about that and it's just the brand that I love and I buy so fold that in and then you are going to make your nice cream or your ice cream so I'm using an instant version that we're gonna use frozen bananas all you do is you take frozen bananas put it in the blender with a little bit of vanilla and you blend it up until you get this nice thick consistency so you don't add any almond milk any liquid you get this nice thick texture you can also use your favorite dairy-free ice cream from the store but I wanted to show you a really quick instant version if you want to make it at home or you can't find dairy-free ice cream nearby you so just take out your banana nice cream and scoop that on to half of the cookie dough so I took the cookie dough and I rolled it between two halves of parchment paper about a quarter inch thick and then I'm spreading this on the top and then I'm gonna take the other half of the cookie dough and lay that on top so that we can make sandwiches and this made about six sandwiches or ice cream sandwiches for me and then I'm taking a knife and just slicing that and I would store these either if you're not eating them immediately definitely put them in the freezer right away because the nice cream will start to melt but I love how easy this is to make this would also make a really good kind of ice-cream cake kind of I'm if you're doing it for a special occasion or an event this summer but these are so delicious and definitely what I'm having for dessert tonight next up we're making a sweet potato toast version and I'm obsessed with this because first off when you bake sweet potato and make sweet potato toast it tastes sweet hence sweet potato so it works really well as a vessel for a great paleo ice-cream sandwich that doesn't use any fancy flowers that either you may not be able to find or you might find expensive because sweet potatoes are really affordable so all you do is slice up your sweet potato into rounds and you're gonna bake that off at 400 degrees for 25 minutes and that way you have these nice soft sweet potatoes that we can use as a vessel so I'm taking a little bit of the leftover nice cream from the first recipe and I'm putting that between two of my sweet potato rounds that are about the same size and putting that on the top and then I am going to dip it in to some paleo chocolate this is optional I will leave a homemade version down below but this time I just literally melted the chocolate chips from Lily's but again you can definitely make your own and I'll leave that recipe down below and I finish it off with a few more of the chocolate chips that weren't melted I've also done this with like a just a store-bought dairy-free ice cream that's just a plain vanilla but you could do chocolate mint any kind of ice cream that you like I did make a healthy ice cream video a couple weeks back where we made mint chip and chocolate cookie dough strawberry so I'm gonna leave that one and my other nice cream recipe down below so that you guys can watch that if you want to change up the fillings of these but guys they turned out so delicious and it's such an easy way to make an ice cream sandwich at home and then we are making a more tropical pineapple version so I took some canned pineapple because I find that this way the shapes are all of the same and they're all smaller you can definitely use fresh pineapple rounds but if you see a pineapple in the store it's quite a bit larger than these these are about three inches wide so if you're gonna use it you're gonna get probably giant ice cream sandwiches so I would suggest just using these ones rinse them off and then sandwich that between either some nice cream or your favorite dairy-free ice cream and then I decided to roll the sides in some unsweetened coconut I find the coconut really works well with the pineapple here and also especially because this one is a coconut based dairy-free ice cream as many of them are and what's great about this is that you can also use grilled pineapple so if you're having a barbeque throw the pineapple on the grill and then scoop the ice cream in between them and then finish it off with the coconut but that's gonna be more of like an instant dessert versus these you can definitely make an advance and store in the freezer but they are so good a little bit tropical buts so incredibly delicious so I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave me any requests down below also don't forget to watch my healthy dessert playlist here so you can see lots more healthy dessert ideas they're all really good for you they're gluten free dairy free refined sugar free but they taste oh so good I hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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