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in today's video I'm sharing with you guys some delicious healthy snacks that are not only going to be a super good for you and healthy but they're satisfying as well and they're all gluten free dairy free plant-based and paleo too so let's go ahead and get right into them the first snack we're making is this super seedy sweet potato toast so I'm starting off by making a sweet potato toast which is definitely a staple in my kitchen in my fridge and it's a great gluten free paleo option that is simple it has one ingredient and if you don't have gluten free breads or paleo breads around you this is a really cost effective option too so I like to slice these up and keep them on hand either in the fridge or the freezer all you have to do is slice it bake it at 400 degrees for 25 minutes and then they're done and they can be kept in the fridge or freezer for whatever you want them now my latest obsession is a super CD version if you follow on instagram which you definitely should my name is just keep up with Liv I share lots of snacks on there I've been obsessed with this one so I started off with some almond butter which is rich in vitamin E and healthy fats in the combo of the complex carbs in the sweet potato along with the healthy fats and the almond butter really help to satisfy and keep you full and then it's time to load up with the seeds so I use some pumpkin seeds which are so high in zinc in magnesium some hemp seeds which have nice omega-3s in them some protein as well as chia seeds which help to fill you up and are also loaded with Omega threes and then I put on a little – – sea salt for some flavor and you have this wonderfully delicious satisfying super seedy sweet potato toast this is definitely a snack that's been on repeat for me for a couple months now and I just had to share it next up are these everything bagel cashews so I'm starting off with just a cup of plain cashews but you can definitely do this with any other seed or nut and then I'm using a tablespoon of avocado oil and of course the everything bagel seasoning it from a Trader Joe's now if you're not near a Trader Joe's or you're not familiar with this seasoning it basically tasted like an everything bagel and I'm going to leave a DIY home version down in the description box in case you get to a Trader Joe's but it basically makes everything taste like and everything bagel and it's delicious so I mix that together and then I'm lying that on the silicon sheet or just make sure you line your baking sheet or grease that and we're going to be roasting this in the oven at 325 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes or until they start to get golden start to watch them at the 12 minute mark and they need maybe up to 15 and once they're done you have these wonderfully flavorful roasted cashews they're a little less boring than like a plain cashew but they also taste great on salads or anything like that too next up we are making this mint lime berry salad so berries are a great low sugar fruit there are a lot lower in sugar compared to other fruits and they're definitely something you want to buy organic so strawberries are actually the dirtiest fruit or vegetable that is on the market so you definitely want to buy these organic studies have shown that they have over 18 different like residues and pesticides so if you buy one thing in your life organic make it strawberries and I like combining a few different berries but you can definitely just do one you can do a mix of blackberries raspberries blueberries strawberries and what's great about this salad is that it's definitely something that you can prep in advance and keep on hand so I'm also gonna add in some blueberries wonderful antioxidants blueberries are great for your memory and great for your brain which I feel like a lot of people don't know and then I'm adding some lime juice on the top this really adds a nice flavor to it it's a bit different and this also helps to kind of marinate the berries so they almost taste sweeter if you leave them or if you make a big batch of this and they help them from going bad I'm tearing up some fresh mint and fun fact this mint is actually fresh from my herb garden if you don't have an herb garden they definitely have they just didn't like the herb section of your grocery store mint is really good for a digestion it's really good for easing cramping just helping with bloating and everything like that so in the summer time this combo of the mint and the berries is perfect and it is so refreshing and adds a little bit of a different like zing and flavour to just plain berries so just going the extra step of like a few seconds hits hair up some mint leaves squeeze on some lime juice it tastes so good and this is also something like I said you can prep in advance and then we are making beet hummus but because it's paleo we're not actually using chickpeas so we are using cauliflower cauliflower is rich in choline then we got the beets which are loaded with antioxidants I mean look at that color the more color something has they have a lot like polyphenols and antioxidants a couple tablespoons of tahini which is a sesame seed paste and basically gives hummus the characteristic hummus flavor and then I'm adding in the juice of half of a lemon and this just really brings it together it also helps to preserve it because the lemon juice kind of keeps it fresh similar to how with a lime keeps avocado fresh so squeeze in your juice of half a lemon and then I'm going to finish it off by adding in a pinch of Himalayan salt this is just my staple salt it's full of trace minerals so it's super good for you blend that all together and you have this wonderfully vibrant beet hummus you can have this with veggies with some fiber crackers guys I put this on pizza I put a spoonful with just about anything it's sweet because of the beets but not too sweet you have that Tang from the tahini and a little bit of Himalayan salt so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm going to leave my healthy snacks playlist right here where I've got hundreds more ideas all from the videos I've done throughout the past and there are a lot of delicious ones in there so you definitely want to check that out after this video I hope you guys are all having a great day and I'll see you in the next one bye guys

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