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Healthy Sprouts Salad Recipe in Hindi । अँकुरित सलाद । Manju Mittal | ManjuMittal Cookery House



Hello friends !!! I am Manju Mittal Today we are making Healthy High Protein Salad

Now I will show you 2 varieties of Salad First one is Sprouted Salad Here I have sprouted the Green Gram (Moong) You can get it easily from the market and if you want to sprout the moong at home You have to soak moong beans in water for 6 hours and after that you have to filter it and put it in a muslin cloth and hang it anywhere Your sprouts are ready in 6-8 hours It is a high protein Here I took 1 bowl of sprouted moong beans You can also use here grams, moth beans

Here I took 1 tablespoon of raisins I have soaked raisins for half an hour You have to soak 2 tablespoon of peanuts for 4-5 hours and after that we have to peel it off We have to soak 2 tablespoon of almonds for 6-8 hours and after that you also have to peel it off You have to soak 2 tablespoon of cashews for 10-15 minutes You have to soak 2 tablespoon of fig for 1-1

5 hours We fined cut fig I am not adding salt and any seasoning here because peanuts taste great in sprouts You can even make it 1 day in advance But in this case you will not put cashew and figs

You can put peanuts, almonds and raisins and keep it in fridge If you go anywhere, take it along with you This is a very tasty and healthy salad See our salad is completely ready We mix all these

sprouts taste great with all soaked nuts Now let me show you another salad This is also a high protein salad Here I took chickpeas (Chole) I soak the chickpeas(Chole) for 6-8 hours in advance and after that I boiled the chickpeas(Chole) with salt and turmeric in a cooker

This also made the color very beautiful and turmeric has many antioxidants which is also very good for health Here I put one cup chickpea(Chole) Here you can take tofu and paneer as per your taste I took two big cubes & cut it into small pieces I took 50 grams of paneer here 1 small piece of fined cut onion 1 small piece of fined cut tomato 1 small piece of grated carrot(It is optional)

I took 8-10 fined cut mint leaves, it makes a great flavor ¼ teaspoon of garlic paste If you do not want to eat green chili then can also use black pepper instead 1 piece of fined cut green chilli, ¼ teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of lime juice, We have to mix these all If you want, you can also use 1 tablespoon of olive oil But oil is never mandatory in salads We put oil in salads for these 2 reasons Either you are on a complete diet and eating only salad So to make the body lubricant, we need oil for greasing Otherwise if you have made salad a longtime ago, then you will add oil to it so that it will look fresh and shine

If you are taking a meal of salad with proper food then there is no need for oil It's your choice whether you want to add oil to it or not See our both the salads are ready in 5 minutes Now you can eat it If you are a health conscious and like to eat salads and soups, then do watch our more recipes of salad and soup If you like our recipe, then do like our video and subscribe to the channel

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