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Healthy Summer Recipes For Dinner 2019



What the heck is for dinner Welcome back to my channel I'm Jess if youre new here I film practicle and easy fitness tips every tuesday and thurrday so make sure you hit the sub button so you don't miss any of my new videos No one wants to spend their summer cooking in the kitchen while its hot, so in this video im going to show you some of my favorite summer recipes that are really healthy and quick and easy so you dont have to spend your whole summer in the kitchen When it comes to any kind of cooking i am all about quick and easy so I have perfected these recipes to be really quick so that you dont have to spend any time doing them but they are so so delicious we are starting with a strawberry vinaigrette chicken salad that I am obsessed with So I season my chicken breast with salt, pepper basil and becasue I love cilanto for the summer, tons of cilantro Iwould love to grill on a real grill but i live in an apartment so the george forman grill with do

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