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Hearty Miso Soup Recipe (The Healthiest Japanese Food with Plenty of Vegetables) | Cooking with Dog



Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show "Cooking with Dog" Konnichiwa

Today, we are introducing "Taberu" Omisoshiru, miso soup "for eating" We've been making this quick and easy miso soup with lots of ingredients in our house These kitchen scale and measuring cup are gifts from one of our fans in Germany, and they are a big help for this recipe First, let's prepare the ingredients Roll the dashi kombu seaweed and shred it as thinly as possible

Dampen the kombu in water beforehand so that you can easily cut it The kombu makes dashi stock but shredding it allows you to enjoy it as an ingredient Next, sandwich the aburaage, thin deep fried tofu with a paper towel and gently press it to remove the excess oil Cut the aburaage in half lengthwise Place the pieces on top of each other, and cut them into 1 cm (0

4") strips Cut the komatsuna spinach into 3 cm (12") pieces separating the stalk part and the leafy part Cut the potato, kabocha squash, daikon radish, and naganegi, long green onion into 1 cm (04") slices

Cut the shiitake into 1 cm slices, and tear the shimeji mushrooms into smaller pieces Now, let's make the ultimate miso soup Pour 400 ml (169 cups) of water into a pot Add the shredded kombu seaweed

Add the daikon radish, kabocha squash, and potato Add the aburaage, thin deep-fried tofu, mushrooms, and long green onion Save the komatsuna spinach for later use to keep it from discoloring Turn on the burner and heat the pot on medium heat Cover with a lid but leave it slightly open

When it begins to boil, cover completely Reduce the heat to low and simmer for about 10 minutes until softened Now, add the firm stalks of the komatsuna spinach Say "Francis is a cute dog" seven times or wait for about 10 seconds, and then add the leafy part We prepared appropriately 50g (1

8 oz) of each of the ingredients for a total of 350g (123 oz) You can also use your favorite type of vegetables to taste When the komatsuna leaves turn a vibrant green, ladle the broth into a bowl of miso and stir to dissolve it Then, add the diluted miso to the broth and distribute

If you have more than one kind of miso on hand, you should definitely combine them to make the miso soup more delicious Now, add the bonito flakes You can also use small-size niboshi, dried baby sardines, instead, but you should cook them from the beginning along with the other ingredients Turn off the burner and ladle the ingredients along with the savory broth into a bowl It is worth remembering the amount of water, the weight of the total ingredients, and miso in this recipe

If you follow this ratio, you can easily make your own version of this delicious miso soup with lots of ingredients whenever you want Finally, top with the ground white sesame seeds Chef enjoys this miso soup with onsen tamago, a type of Japanese soft-cooked egg You can place the egg in the bowl of miso soup You should definitely try one of the healthiest Japanese dishes, delicious miso soup with lots of vegetables

Chef adjusted the thickness of the ingredients according to the cooking time keeping in mind that they will cook for about 10 minutes It is convenient to keep frozen, sliced mushrooms on hand especially for busy mornings You can also use the used kombu of our previous Kobujime recipe in miso soup Good luck in the kitchen

Source: Youtube

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