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Herbed Chicken in Pastry (Puff Pastry Recipe)


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Watch this “Herbed Chicken in Pastry (Puff Pastry Recipe)” video below:

Learn how to make this crowd pleasing dish. Watch this video to see how simple it is to make extraordinary, inspired dishes with Puff Pastry.

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  1. Pan-frying the chicken breast for ten minutes will result in a dry, disgusting centre.  Brown the chicken for just a few minutes on a medium heat only.  Similarly, she said put it onto baking paper, with which I agree – but she didn't.  She put it straight into a baking tray.  Amateurish.

  2. @jay444 flip the pastry and broil on medium heat to finish it for about 6-8 minutes. Also make sure the bottom of the pastry is quite thin. In an restaurant this step would be done in a salamander, not an oven, and you wouldn't have to flip it.

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