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Here's how to cook Cockles in 20 secs. Super Easy & Yummy! Teochew Style See Hum 潮州咸蛤 Chinese Recipe


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Have a look at this “Here's how to cook Cockles in 20 secs. Super Easy & Yummy! Teochew Style See Hum 潮州咸蛤 Chinese Recipe” video below:

Blood cockles – colloquially known as see hum or si hum – were really cheap back in the days. They used to be 50 cents (Singapore dollars) for a kilo but now it’s about S$14 per kilo. See the difference? According to Channel News Asia, cockles are becoming more expensive because of pollution and over-harvesting. Hopefully with aquaculture, the supply of cockles can once again be bountiful. Due…..(read more)


  1. Hi, I noticed you used La Gourmet products. I recently bought one of their pans but have an issue with the warranty registration, as the serial number yield no result and warranty status still ‘Pending Moderation’ after more than 30days. Their email: also no response. Will you have their local contact details? I have serious doubts on their warranty if they’re uncontactable.

  2. I was lucky enough to have been in college when chinese canteen owners were still a thing. They cooked this! We just loved cockle days! How i remember our canteen food. The best on earth!

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