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Historical Recipes: Apple Snowball



Well the name is descriptive It does – this does look like a snowball, from my end

You know what it looks like? What? A brain It does! We got a knife for this one You know what, it looked very good from a distance It did right? I was very excited Why do they boil everything? For forty-five minutes to three hours That's a lot of boiling

God this is like cooked to death Or maybe not cooked enough I can't tell I guess, the rice is cooked in milk so it's sweeter, so it's supposed to feel like it's a dessert I guess? Maybe that's what they do in summer? They say: "Well, we have no snow

We'd like a snowball fight I'll boil up some rice for about three hours" It smells like a kitchen sink Oh! And that's one serving? That's like, you would have that much? Well this is half the apple That's huge! Is that too much sugar? Nooo

Oh look! It's snow! I say it's better to be heavy handed with the sugar I agree Oh! It crunches There's resistance I hope it's not the rice crunching

Oh! It exploded Aaaand we're down The apple is fine, but the rice is weird! The apple's good The apple's great! Why do we need rice? The apple's good I think this is why you boil it for forty five minutes, otherwise it just comes apart

Where's the chocolate? I thought you said there was chocolate? I never said there was chocolate!

Source: Youtube

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