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Please Subscribe my channel and dont forget to hit the bell icon Beautiful People اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم Today we are going to make Malai Boti in the Kitchen For which we will need Black Cumin one tea spoon Black Pepper one Tea spoon Salt one tea spoon Lemon Juice one tea spoon Ginger and Garlic paste 1 Tea spoon Mustard Paste one tea spoon Green Chilli sliced one table spoon Chadder Cheese two table spoon two table spoon fresh cream one table spoon oyester sauce One table spoon Coriander leaves Half kg Boneless chicken Which is cut like this and these are the wooden sticks take as required Mix every thing in the Chicken This mixture is perfectly ready We can make and keep it like this So that if guest come they can be placed in sticks and can be made instantly when they come You can fry it If you called some one 🙂 We will keep it like this we will prepare the rest like this Here we go our Malai tikka is ready Lets grill it in the grill pan The delivery guy even doesn't come so quick As quick this dish gets ready It take almost 5-8 minutes to make it In almost 8 minutes our malai boti gets ready Look how beautiful it is Friends if you like my video so comment on it Share this video and subscribe to my channel

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