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Homemade Bengali Rasgulla Recipe, Sweet Recipes @ Guru’s Cooking


[UltraVid id=156 ]hello ladies and gentlemen this is your chef from gurus cooking that in the bengali rasgulla or Raja boola if I squeeze them and insert them back into the sugar syrup they still retain their shape and size this is how they should be they are very easy to make please make a note of the ingredients we will begin by boiling 1 liter of full cream milk avoid using toned milk because it doesn’t contain any fat once this milk comes to a boil our job is to make sure that it curdles and to make it curdle will be adding lemon juice to it it has now come to a boil and I’ll squeeze in half a lemon juice to this after squeezing in half a lemon juice if it curdles within 15 seconds great if it doesn’t curdle I’ll add more lemon juice just make sure you put off the flame now while adding the lemon juice keep rotating a laddle within your vessel and slowly keep adding the lemon juice wait for 15 seconds after this if your milk doesn’t curdle like I said we’ll add more lemon juice it did not curdle for me I’m adding more lemon juice so the total amount of lemon juice I had to add to make this milk curdle is one whole lemon juice you may require more or less but always try with less why add more when you can do it with less after all you’re preparing something that should turn out to be sweet it’s a dessert not saw right so it has curdled as you can see it looks beautiful this ladies and gentlemen is China or in English Indian cottage cheese I have taken a bowl on which I have added a sieve and covered it with a muslin or a cheesecloth on top of this will be pouring our mixture which we just received after curdling the milk I’ll tell you what our role here is our role here is to save everything that is on top of this muslin cloth and everything at the bottom will be discarded so in short the chana will be secured and the water will be discarded please add a few ice cubes the change in temperature will make sure that this China turns out to be soft and tender so squeeze out excessive liquid which is excessive milk now you can discard and throw away this milk we don’t need it all we need is this China in the muslin cloth and right now if you remember this also contains sarna’s because of the lemon juice that you are it remember to get rid of that soreness I am going to submerge this in enough water and keep it make it rest in that water for around at least 3 minutes so allowed 1 to 2 liters of water or until it submerges completely within water it’s been three minutes since I have submerge to this and it is time for now us to discard the water because these are nests from the China has been removed through a very water and this is what will help you to make some amazing rascal loves if there are any ice cubes left you can throw them away so squeeze out all the excessive water we don’t need any water left out we just need some soft tender china that is really important otherwise you are rasgulla balls will break when you make them because of excessive water content yeah so like this please remove any excessive water and that is all you need so in a plate now I’m going to extract this soft tender China and now our role is what our role now is to make sure that we need this like we need though and make sure we make it very soft and tender there should be no graininess in your China and it should be very smooth as silk to do that it will require at least five minutes in this video I cut short the video and after five minutes this is how it looks please grab a little small portion and try to rotate it in between your palm to create a round ball be careful about the size you choose because this ball when it goes into the sugar syrup later on it will expand to three times its original size so make sure you don’t grab a very large ball I hope it makes sense cool so we’ll spend the same amount of time to prepare all the more and create six to seven balls of this size ladies and gentlemen time to create some sugar syrup grab a pressure cooker and to this you add one and a half liters of water and 200 grams of sugar start boiling this by putting the flame to high and when the sugar dissolves completely into this water will follow up with the rest of these steps the sugar is dissolved now I’m going to add a tablespoon of milk what this does is it adds a tinge of beautiful color to your sugar syrup not only that if there is any scum or dirt in this sugar syrup it will come to the top and you can easily see it because of this white color please do not add too much milk I didn’t add this for taste I just added this father looking feeling please make sure you wait until this water starts bubbling up once it bubbles drop all diras Gulas into it remember only at Diras Gulas when the water is boiling now please cover this with a lid and wait for one vessel so we have received our first whistle please put off the flame now and relax naturally let the steam escape after 5 minutes if it still does not escape manually do it like I am doing right now and then voila here we have amazing expanded big huge was goolies soft and tender floating for you to grab and there they are please wait until they come down to room temperature and only then can you see how beautiful to the look please serve them chilled so wait cover it with a lid half patience let it relax at room temperature and then this is how they look at room temperature you can have them very well that is how most of my Bengali friends have or if you really want to enjoy it even more refrigerate them and then have them chilled that will be even more fun ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching watching Bengali rasgulla or Raja bula please make a note of the cooking instructions you friends you can also try making gulab jamun or mo teacher color do which you can see in the thumbnails to the left do subscribe to my channel thank you

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