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Homemade Brioche Bread Recipe



– What's up, you guys? Thanks so much for stopping by, Chef Billy Parisi here, I've got an absolutely incredible recipe for homemade brioche, it's ridiculously delicious And Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Flour is gonna help us hook it up

It's absolutely been a minute since I last made homemade brioche and whoa, is it insanely awesome To start, what we wanna do is pour some milk into a pot We're gonna put it on the burner on low heat, we wanna scald it which means we wanna take it to about 120 degrees You'll see that it lightly bubbles on the outside, no big deal, take it off, let's transfer it to a standing mixer, pour it right into that bowl We're next gonna sprinkle on some yeast

Once it is all poured in, let's go to that Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Flour It's the most perfect all around flour you could ever use Amazing for those delicate desserts and robust enough and high enough protein to make all of your artisan breads that you could ever want Go ahead and add in a little bit of that We're gonna put on the paddle attachment, give it a quick mix, just until it's combined

It will sort of look like a spongy, wet sort of dough What you wanna do is set a towel over top and let it rest until it's doubled in size which takes about 30 to 45 minutes All righty, the dough has doubled in size, we're gonna now add in our eggs So on low speed, add in our eggs just one at a time until it's combined The dough is absolutely gonna look crazy at this point, it's gonna look very, very wet, totally cool, don't worry

Once the eggs are mixed in, let's go back to that Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Flour We're gonna add in a few cups of that, all while stirring You will notice that the paddle will have some trouble here because this dough does get very thick very, very quickly Once all of the flour is added in, we're gonna add in a little bit of sugar That's right, we're making brioche, needs to be a little sweet

We're gonna hit it with some sea salt Once it is combined, I've got some softened unsalted butter, that's where a lot of that flakiness and richness comes into the dough Go ahead and add in one stick at a time until it is completely combined, and again, same thing, you're gonna notice it's gonna be very wet, very sticky, totally cool and completely normal Once everything is combined, you're gonna need to scrape that paddle, scrape down the bowl, you've got a lot of stuff going on in here Once it is scraped down, same exact process, throw a towel over it, we need it to double in size which is gonna take about an hour to an hour and a half

So the dough has doubled in size, honestly, if you're making this in the summertime, sometimes I just put it outside because it's a little more humid and hot out there, it will puff up in no time, totally cool to do that Now this dough is ridiculously sticky, like I'm not, it's like Play-Doh, putty on crack, it's outta control, it's so sticky So what I like to do is hit it in the refrigerator for about 20 to 30 minutes, let it cool down, don't worry, it's not gonna fall, the yeast is still gonna hold strong there, it's gonna stay risen up I like to do this to kind of cool the butter so it's easier to work with After 20 or 30 minutes, let's go ahead and start making these

Again, it's still gonna be sticky What you wanna do is take a nice handful, we're gonna form a nice ball, think about maybe the size of a baseball, slightly smaller, maybe a tennis ball It is gonna be sticky, I cannot repeat enough Go ahead next and set it on a sheet tray lined with parchment paper or a silicone mat, totally cool to use that as well And in traditional Sicilian brioche form, we want to put a little ball of dough right on top of that big round

So once you've made all of the big brioche dough balls, let's go ahead and make some very small ones and put those right on top Guys, here's a little trick, because it is sticky, you can absolutely wet your hands with a little bit of water, help you move it around a little bit easier without it sticking to your hands or to the countertop But whatever you do, do not use flour, that is an absolute no no And the sticky part is just a piece of it, there are a lot of brioche recipes out there, some that are more smooth and you can see that maybe the appearance of the raw dough is very, very smooth Honestly, it's because they don't have enough butter in there, and I'm not saying they're bad, but this one is far superior in flakiness, deliciousness and buttery flavor

So use all that butter, it's cool that it's sticky (gentle instrumental music) What we're gonna do next is drape a towel over top, let it rise until it's doubled is size again, which only takes about 20 or 30 minutes this time 'cause we're much smaller in dough sizes And once you take the towel off, you can see these are really big, these are gonna be incredible Now we're gonna make a very quick egg wash to brush right over top So in a small bowl with one egg, go ahead and add in some whole milk

Whisk it together until it's completely combined and then, using a pastry brush, what we wanna do is brush all sides of the brioche This is what's gonna ensure that it's completely, perfectly golden brown on all sides, so brush it very well on all sides Last but not least, let's sprinkle on some sugar, just for a little bit of added sweetness and a couple little cool grainy textures on top It's now goin' in the oven on 375 degrees, it's gonna take in between 18 and 20 minutes, you wanna cook it until it's golden brown on all sides and cooked through the center The brioche is finished, let's go ahead and take it out

And you can see how unbelievably golden brown and delicious this brioche looks It was super easy to make Obviously, you've got a little bit of down time, a total of about two, two and a half hours, but well worth it, look at it, it's incredible And of course, we're gonna try it out (gentle instrumental music) Oh my gosh! It's so buttery and it's super tender and flaky, honestly, just like, if you've ever had brioche before, it's exactly what it's supposed to be

I need to make French toast immediately or go get a coffee and hook it up with this because mmm-mmm! Guys, I don't wanna waste any more time, thanks for stopping by, thanks to Bob's Red Mill for literally making the best products around, bar none I'm gonna eat this, catch up with y'all later (gentle instrumental music)

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