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Homemade Kaju Katli | Indian Sweet | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Kaju Barfi | Easy To Make


[UltraVid id=563 ]When we get sweets as gifts,
one sweet variety is always there in the box.. ..and that is, ‘Kaju Katli’. And, I have recieved a lot of
requests from you for this royal delight! So, I thought let’s prepare it today! Let’s begin with preparing the sugar syrup. Let’s take 1/4 cup of water.. ..and add half a cup of sugar to it. And now, let’s switch on the stove. We have to prepare
sugar syrup of one thread consistency. Let the sugar melt completely. Let’s check if the syrup is ready! Check this way. When the last drop falls,
it forms a thread like this.. ..which indicates that the syrup is ready! Now, let’s add a cup of cashew powder. Mix it well. To make this cashew powder,.. brittle cashew nuts from the market! Opt for a large
mixer vessel wherein blades are visible. Put cashews in it and switch on and switch off
the mixer grinder; continue the process for a while.. ..and grind them. And then, use the wheat flour sieve.. ..which is a bit bigger than the one used for
sieving of all purpose flour (maida). Put the cashew powder in it and
strain it on a paper.. ..and then you can use that cashew powder. This is done, let’s switch off the stove.. ..and let’s spread this paste to the
edges of the kadai. And now, let it cool down. Let’s wait till it cools down. After the mixture cools down… The mixture has cooled down,
let’s roll it and cut into pieces. But, as Republic Day of India
is approaching, let’s make it in tricolor! So, firstly let’s make them in orange (saffron) color! These are edible colors. After this, let’s make the one in green color. Green ones are ready too! Now, let’s knead the dough for
white ones and make the rotis. I have plastic sheets here. Roll it to half a centimeter of thickness. Do not roll them very thin. In this way, let’s roll all three rotis. Now, let’s apply vark on it. Because, Kaju Katli and vark go hand in hand. Now, let’s cut them. My cameramen are saying the recipe
seems very easy to them! This means you too will find it easy! And, do try it.. ..and wish you all a Happy Republic Day!

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