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Homemade Puff Pastry Fresh Peach Tart Recipe



– What's up, guys? Chef Billy Parisi here Thanks so much for stoppin' by to check out another episode, and, dude, I am so stoked for today, because I'm gonna do something I haven't done in almost 20 years, and that's make a homemade puff pastry

Probably gonna make a tart into it after that Huge thanks to Bob's Red Mill for hookin' it up Puff pastry can be really intimidating because you think of all the times it needs to chill, folding the dough, just really overwhelming Don't worry, I'm gonna try to simplify this and make it as easy as possible Now, when you make a puff pastry, you usually use a combination maybe of cake flour and bread flour, but Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Flour is gonna be the perfect center for this, the perfect amount of protein

Always, like I say, the best go-to flour, so go ahead and add some to a stand mixer with the paddle attachment The next thing we're gonna do is add in some softened butter and we're simply gonna put that on low speed until it's very, very well-combined, probably five to seven minutes While that is working, I've got some cold water here I'm gonna simply pour in a little bit of sea salt I wanna dissolve all this first before I add it to the stand mixer, so use the little whisk

Cook it up Go over to the standing mixer once everything is well-combined and slowly pour it in on low speed Now you wanna mix this just until it is mixed Do not over-mix this Your dough will not rise and it will not be tender, it will not be flaky

Do not over-mix this part, just until combined So go ahead and transfer it over to a piece of parchment paper or maybe in a bowl, whatever's easiest for you and put it in the refrigerator We're gonna let it cool off for about 20 minutes All right, you guys, it's time to let the fun begin Don't go anywhere because you've got to get after this puff pastry at this point

Go ahead and add some butter to that standing mixer Make sure it's clean first with the paddle attachment We're next gonna hit it with some flour We wanna mix it on low speed just until it becomes soft You gotta be careful here, you don't want it too hard, you don't want it too soft, okay? Issues will happen when you fold it in to the puff pastry dough

Once it is at that consistency, simply turn it off At this time, my puff pastry dough is nice and cool Throw some flour on a clean surface Lay that chilled dough right on top and we wanna roll it out until it's a rectangle, okay? Just think nice and large here (upbeat music) Once it is rolled out, step a few feet to the side, throw down some flour, add that whipped butter that we just did right onto the surface

It should be nice and soft If it's a little sticky, hit it with some flour on your rolling pin as well as on the butter Roll it out until it's about 2/3 the size of the other large rectangle sheet that you rolled out Now it's time to fold the dough Just like a letter, fold from the right first

Next, fold the left side over Give it a 90-degree turn What we wanna do is roll it out to that same size original rectangle that you did at the beginning Once it is rolled out, the next thing you wanna do is fold it back in, and, like, this part is kind of like those science fair projects You remember those things that kind of like open up like this? Yeah, that's the best example I have

So fold right over to the middle, left over to the middle, and then fold that over one more time Here, I'm going to transfer it to a sheet tray lined with parchment paper so it doesn't fold in any way We're gonna let it chill for about 20 minutes in the refrigerator Don't let it go too long or else the butter will be too hard All right, you guys, let's take our puff pastry back out

At this point, you could actually do another fold, like that whole science fair project thing, you could do that one more time I'm not gonna mess with it because I think there's enough layers in there that's gonna puff up really nice when I make this tart So I've made enough dough for two puff pastry sheets So go ahead and cut it in half We're gonna take one half and put it on a sheet tray lined with parchment paper and I'm gonna roll it out until it's almost the complete size of that parchment paper

Keeping it in that sheet tray is gonna make sure I have a really nice rectangle So now you've got a beautiful piece of puff pastry You can make croissants You could make turnovers You could make a tart

Yeah, that sounds really good Let's make a tart I'm gonna fly through this next part What you wanna do is, using a little bit of egg wash, brush all of the outside of that puff pastry, maybe in about an inch or two inches I've got a ton of peaches laying around

Peaches are in full season, in full effect They're delicious I've got 'em cut in half, the pits removed I'm gonna line 'em up like little soldiers all throughout the puff pastry, and next, just to top off, we've got some melted butter I'm gonna pour in some light brown sugar

Gonna whisk it until it's nice and combined, and then, using a pastry brush, I'm gonna brush the top of each of those peaches It's totally cool if it floods in the center a little bit, it's gonna give a little bit more sweetness, goodness, to these peaches And last, but not least, I'm simply gonna grate on some fresh cinnamon Do it all over these peaches for a wonderful flavor It's goin' in the oven on 425 degrees

It's gonna take in between 25 and 30 minutes for this thing to brown up, to make sure the peaches are cooked and it's gonna be amazing My Homemade Puff Pastry Peach Tart is done and it looks absolutely insane We're gonna let it cool down to room temperature and just because, I'm gonna use a lot of extra fresh berries just to garnish this beauty up It's gonna look amazing, it's gonna taste even better than it looks Dude, I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, but come on, bro

This looks amazing It's beautiful And it's really, honestly, not even that hard to make It took less than two hours to make something like this I mean, brother, straight up, belongs at Bouchon Bakery

It's beautiful We've gotta taste it I know it's gonna be good, but let's take a quick little slice here, all right? (crust crackling) Love that crispness (crust crackling) Stop it Stop it! Dude, this is so flippin' good! I know, I know, I don't mean to be just extra bold and whatever else, but it's so good! The puff pastry is so crisp yet tender in the inside

Sorry that I'm chewin' so much, it's just so good Guys, that's all I got Come back next week I'm gonna make another awesome recipe You know it'll be good

We'll catch you later, it's time to eat (upbeat music)

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