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Homemade Samosa Sheets/Pastry Recipe In The Oven ||Manda patti recipe with ENGLISH SUBTITLE



Hello Welcome to cook with Madeeha Today I will be making basic Samosa sheets with these samosa sheets you can make your choice of spring rolls and samosas To make samosa sheets we need 3 cups flour 1 and 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp oil and we will need 1 glass of water to make the dough Now we will make the dough in the flour add salt and oil now add water little by little to make the dough

make sure that the dough is not too soft make a hard dough so it will be easy to roll the sheets now you could see that the dough has come to it's perfect texture add some oil on top of the dough and cover it then rest the dough for 30 minutes after half an hour we will make small balls

in the working area where you are going to roll the sheets take out the dough and divide it into equal size balls stretch the dough horizontally and cut the dough into equal size now make the balls for the layering we need oil and flour Dust some flour on the working area now flat the ball with your hands and then roll it to a small circle

roll all the balls and put them on the side after rolling now we start layering the sheets the first layer add some oil and sprinkle some flour put the second sheet on top of the first sheet and repeat the same step for six sheets after layering we will roll the sheet

At this stage preheat the oven to 375 Fahrenheit after rolling put the sheet in the baking tray now apply some oil on top of the layerwe do this because we are baking it in the oven so the first layer would not get hard put the tray into the oven and you will bake it until the top layer puffs up

open the sheets and very easily you could open the layers also you can see the layer are very thin the sheets are very soft and thin also none of the sheets have ripped now the sheets are ready you can cut it into any shape you like fold the sheet in half and cut the edges open the sheet and fold it in the other direction and cut the edges

now cut into the size you prefer for your samosas like this you could make samosa shape showing in this video if you would like to make small size samosa or spring roll sheetsso then cut the sheet into half and again cut it into half to make a quarter of the sheet to make a spring roll shape follow the step in this clip

to make small samosas follow this part of the clip like this you could make different kind of spring roll and samosas fold the sheet in the cling wrap and store it in the refrigerator and you could make samosa and spring roll and freeze it This was the basic samosa sheet recipeIn the next videos i will be showing how to make different kind of samosas like beef samosa chicken samosa and spring rolls

Try this recipe i hope that this recipe turn out goodIf you like my videos please subscribe to my YouTube channel and share my video with your friends and family

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