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How do you like the food, Min? [Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/ENG/2020.06.23]



I'm adding the rice now (Add the oat rice) – That looks delicious

/ – It looks good, doesn't it? You're adding pizza cheese as well? That's an unbeatable combination Adding cheese is cheating That looks good – I'm trying my best / – You could just eat that

That's a lot of protein (Adding her pre-made meatballs too!) Wow, that looks incredible Look at that gloss It looks like natto Immunity-boosting risotto

That looks good – Cheddar cheese is good for immunity / – Oh, really? – Cheddar cheese? / – Yeah Out of all the cheeses My goal is to add the most nutrients into one meal

It's supposed to be a healthy meal, so it's quite full As a whole meal It's a shame it's being covered up I'm going to press this (Put the wrapped tortilla into the fry pan) You're going to grill it like that? That's a good idea

What's that? What do you use that for? – Originally? / – Pressing pork rind – Pork rind / – Pork rind Did you buy this too? – Yeah / – Geez

I've never seen one of those in someone's home (Everyone has one of these at home, right?) Wow, that's pretty So that's why it's a risotto burrito Wow, that's simple This is good

I made it a little big You can make it half as big or whatever size you want That looks good (Onion, meat, kimchi, mushroom, fernbrake, oat, shrimp) – That's amazing / – This is a good idea

(It looks unbelievably good) That's really awesome That looks pretty good The MD's eyes were flashing just now – That was really good / – It looks really good

(Nom) This is so good, Yoonah (Internal joy) It's so good It's just what I like – It relieves my hunger / – The kimchi is so crunchy

It must not be greasy because of the kimchi – Oh, the kimchi / – The texture, right? Should I go with this? – It's perfect as a meal, right? / – Yeah It's filling too What's wrong? It gets a bit greasy the more you eat, don't you think? – Is it greasy? / – The more you eat? – I'm not smiling anymore

/ – She doesn't look happy I think this size is just right If you eat more, it could start to taste greasy There's a lot of cheese inside (Ivy thinks it's a little greasy too) – Because it's very oily

/ – She's flustered (Flustered blinking) What else do you have? I have to make the rice burgers now – We'll try those and let you know

/ – Let me know Then you have to wait about an hour (An hour?) Oh, Min's here Hey, Min! The cool dude is here – How is it, Min? / – Cool dude

Do you like it? Min is a cool dude – Look at you go / – Min, do you want to try this? Min, do you want to try this? Meat Spit it out if you don't like it You have to convince kids like this

– How does it taste? Is it good? / – Min is honest He's the most honest – It's good, isn't it? / – Do you want more? He doesn't want any more – Because it's spicy? / – Min doesn't want it Is it a little spicy? I added kimchi and Cheongyang chili peppers

It's spicy (What does Min need right now?) (I want water) (Finished cooling himself down) (Ingredients for an immunity-boosting dish) (Toothed ixeridium root) Toothed ixeridium It prevents fever and inflammation, boosting immunity, but it doesn't taste very good Isn't toothed ixeridium really bitter? I got rid of the bitterness How? How did you get rid of the bitter taste? I soaked it in vinegar and salt water for 20 minutes, so it's going to have a nice texture

Let's see how it smells Let's try it (Sharing the toothed ixeridium root) The bitterness is gone It's not too bitter, is it? You can't eat it by itself It's not too bitter, is it? – Oh, it's so bitter

/ – Huh? It's very bitter It's very bitter? I only had a little bit, but it's really bitter It'll be okay once it's in the dish She said it'll be okay I really don't like vegetables

For kids like you, I'm going to put the toothed ixeridium into a patty – That's right / – So you can't taste it too much If I can eat it, little kids can too This is good for your health

(Finely chop the toothed ixeridium root and kimchi) (Stir-fry the chopped ingredients in butter) – Did you buy the meat at the market too? / – Yeah It looks like it's top quality – It looks good, doesn't it? / – Yeah It's very good (Mix the beef and pork together) (Cooking wine, soy sauce, ketchup, egg) (Add Cheongyang chili peppers to taste) (Add 1 and a half cups of frying mix) (Mix it up) – Is it done? / – Yeah

(The immunity-boosting patty is finished) (Full of devotion) She's making a meatball This looks good Oh, a burger patty

I think this will be good She's onto something here Oh, to make sure it's cooked inside as well That's a handy tip I don't cook it in the oven because it gets dry

If you cook it like that, it's very tender

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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