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How P’s Mamma Cooks Minestrone (Italian Recipe)



P's Mother How Minestrone Nourishes (and rabbits) So we're cooking for half an hour My mother used to make a minestrone and Minestrone is made from many vegetables, Sogan, tomato, carrot, pumpkin, I don't know what else he's putting

He'il show you now This chicken? Rabbit? Wait, that's not a ministrone I was wrongly informed This was false information Sorry

He'il do the Ministroneyi later Hay allah Paola !! I thought you were going to do ministrone right now When are you going to do Ministrone, Mom? Yeah, I'm gonna do it, but I have to get this done first You can do it with chicken, lamb or rabbit You're doing it

Something delicious! Do you understand? No, but Paola will translate Is that thyme? Thyme Island Farm Sarmisak And salt Some more olive oil, Some water A lot of water Close the lid

Now Ministrone Olive Oil onion A little sarmisak I've been learning Italian, by the way Is that Italian parsley? or something else? in fact, P did not pay much attention, because it was the leaf of celery They're all fresh from the spring

Mint A little fresh fezlegen now, Then, a little fezlegen, I guess he said that, anyway He's putting some chili This isn't bitter, sweet pepper

I understand why this is so delicious Because they're all fresh from the is not it? I think it's the opposite, It's easy to peel, This new technique of peeling, I learned now

Can you get me one Patetes, Paola? In the cellar in a box on the floor Not all of them He uses both, both vegetables and chicken Ocaga bay Wow, that was quick

Now you're gonna do it at home Yeah, now you're gonna do it at home This isn't touching enough He's dealing with P Italian Burocracy He is putting more squash and potatoes

More squash, one potato I am so hungry It is unbelievable, at this time the kitchen smells nice You're making a little mouse? I'm cooking water, some rice The result is the camera steaming

We rest a little Fast track in 20 minutes Pilaf isn't ready We're in the same snatch today, we're black My God is silent Hi this is my camera

dessert Ready, come for dinner Do you want some parmesan? No After dinner, P decided to show me his father's rabbit where he grew up They are very sweet Look at the beautiful eyes It was my rabbit Just like that, black eye As a kid

Oooo is shaking ooo I had two rabbits They were both men

And they were trying to associate with each other They were chasing each other I guess they were gay That's right, rabbits can be gay sometimes They're babies a few weeks ago, aren't they? And fast food

My God is so sweet It is too sweet I can't eat these I can not do These rabbits remind me of you That's why I can't eat them

They're as sweet as you After P's father saw his rabbits grow up, We could not abandon them, we wanted to say something about them What do you think? It's about your father growing up in rabbits And it's about eating them I do not know

I was with that idea My father had them around it was too long for me The destruction and ingestion of small creatures Besides, I remember when I was a kid

My father said to me, I respect them, I raise them with love I treat them humanly, I was looking at him, he was putting ice in their water so he could refresh the waters Those hot summer days It wasn't a good idea to keep them in a cage, while they were raising them humanly I don't know, a little bit taller for me, Because I was raising rabbits when they were children I once saved a rabbit raised in the cage, I think he was one of my family's friends

I fell in love with one of them And I took one and brought it home, and I looked at him I loved it a lot It must be too hard for you to see my father keep them in the cage I respect their lives They're feeding themselves

But to see them in cages, I wanted to save them all and bring them home What happened? Goodbye

Source: Youtube

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