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[UltraVid id=313 ]hey Luke here with Kathy Karp calm and I’m going to show you how to catch catfish on a clean catfish how to cook catfish a lot of great tips and tricks if you’re just getting into catfishing or if you’ve been doing it for a while if your catfishing a good rod holder is worth its weight in gold it helps you to detect by it’s better and keeps your rods from getting pulled in the water these rod holders also have flashlights and cutting boards attached to them and I made it myself these rod holders are great do-it-yourself project and I’ll put a link in the description to a video where I show how to make these so let me show you the rods I’m using I’ve got two shakespeare rods they’re both pretty much the same rod just different names in different colors this is the contender from Shakespeare it’s a seven-foot rod medium action I think it’s got something like fifteen pound line on a 12 pound line something pretty beefy on it and it’s a combo that cost me thirty dollars the rig I’ve got on is what’s called a high-low rig this is a really popular rig in saltwater fishing but we use it for catfish all the time it’s basically these two wire arms that swivel about and you’ve got just a little hook with some leader attached to each one of these arms and on the end you clip on a pyramid sinker alright let me show you my other rod once again it’s a very similar rod this is from Shakespeare it’s the Alpha big water it’s seven-foot medium action string uh the mono on here feels like it’s about 12 pound line 10-pound line I got this for $29.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods I’ve got a four OTT circle hook because the Gamakatsu here I’ve got about 20 pounds of mono leader a swivel and then I’ve got a one-ounce egg sinker just a really great basic catfish rig this is the most common rig I use a 4 OTT circle hook is really good for decent-sized channel catfish you know around the 4 pound range you got bigger fish go to a bigger circle hook you’ve got smaller fish go to a smaller circle hook also almost all my books are snailed with a knotless knot if you want to know how to tie that knot and some other knots check out this video the bait I’m using is a frozen bluegill that I caught for Beasley I’ll cut the head off and I’ll cut the body up in these sections when I’m cutting out the gut pouch to make these nice little cubes of bluegill meet whatever bait you use you want to make it bite-sized and you want to leave plenty of hook point exposed so it doesn’t interfere with the hook penetrating into the fish’s mouth I like to hook the bait through the back part of the bluegill meat because it’s tougher and doesn’t come off the hook when casting once I’m casted out and I’ve got my rod in the rod holder I like to put on a bite alarm these little bite alarms are like five bucks for half a dozen of them it worked really good and they helped me not only detect bites that allow me to pay attention to my kids who were with me for part of this time they’re running around having a good time in the water I got to keep an eye out on and I can’t watch my rods my alarms are also good for night fishing as well as parenting so I have a lot of people ask me how to unhook catfish so this is a circle hook okay circle hooks a little different 2j hugs you can’t just back them out like Jay hooks is you have to twist them out because they’re kind of like a spiral so they twist in and you got to twist them out so you get down in here and you grab it as low as you can and you shake and there you go pops out just gotta twist it out you try to back it straight out it won’t come so you just twist it out look at this nice little beauty see that is the perfect eating size catfish you know a lot of people will tell you that catfish that are big don’t taste any good this isn’t really true but think about this this is one meal for my family here too nice great filets this works perfectly if I were to catch a bigger catfish I’d have leftovers you’re much better off cashing a small one eating it all up and then when you want another one go out and catch another one that will be much better tasting and catching and keeping one big one and then having a bunch of freezer-burned frozen splays in your fridge I also have a lot of people ask me about how to hold a catfish because they’re worried about getting stung or they think they’re dangerous a lot a lot of people think the whiskers can sting you that’s not true the whiskers are just these soft little fleshy things they’re like noodles they can’t do you any harm right here there’s a spine a PEC tail spine you can see how it’s hard and it’s kind of sharp right there okay but it’s smooth everywhere else and there’s one on this side and there’s one on the dorsal fin right there right there there’s a spine – okay and when they thrash around and jump out of your hands like that that’s when you get stung okay you can go in your leg or whatever so they have kind of shoulder blades right here it’s hard okay so I little ones like this I squeeze them with a hand with a finger on either side of the spine my hand there and you have a really good grip on them okay then they can’t get away from you controlling the fish is the number-one way to not get spined additionally the smallest fish have really sharp spines big catfish have dull spines this one’s some kind of medium another great catfish oh nice channel cat this one’s a little skinny though I’m gonna let him go I’ve got my fish I’m gonna have some nice fillets I don’t need anymore well as the saying goes there’s more than one way to skin a cat but this is how I like to do it I’ve got this one by 12 with a big old lumber nail sticking out of them and I take the clay up and I simply clamp that to the table keep it from moving around and I got another clamp okay this is the biggest of the Duke catfish I caught and it weighs three pounds 14 ounces or 1782 grams now I’ve got it on the scale because I’m going to show you how to salvage a lot more meat than just filleting alone step 1 get your knife sharp I’ve got one of these dexterous lay knives loved them the great brand not to it or too expensive put the fish’s head on the spike and I start cutting the skin around the skull and the shoulder blade so all the bony part right where the bony part meets the fleshy part just cut through the skin don’t need to cut deep just the skin now I take a pair of needle nose pliers and I start pulling that skin off and if a little meat comes with it I use the knife to kind of separate the meat from the skin and then I draw our cut a line right along the spine and just rip that sucker off like you’re picking a sock off a foot and you can see here it pulled off a little bit of meat across the back but not too bad and that little patch of meat was easily salvaged just by taking it right off with the fillet knife so once again we’re a good sharp fillet knife comes in handy now then what you do is once you have the fish skin you start working right at the top and cut as deep as you can all the way back along the spine and you’re going to start the Flay here at the top in the front and kind of work it off working around the bony bits and you’ll feel where it’s verses Boni and then you go over the ribs and use the fillet knife to separate the meat from the ribs and you keep going and then once you’ve gotten past the ribs you can shove the fillet knife all the way through and then it gets really easy and then you just kind of pull the flame I straight back and it all comes off that’s prettiest fillet but it’s off so the fillets off this catfish is one pound one of the quarter ounces or 459 grams so by only filleting the catfish you’re throwing away 75% of the catfish we’re gonna see if we can’t do better I’m going to start by cutting under the chin I’m going to cut from the chin to the pectoral fin and you can feel where bone meets meat and they were cutting right along that line and I’m going to cut on both sides once you’re done cutting along the chin you’ll cut from the pectoral fin along the bottom of the ribs all the way to the anus while you’re doing this be careful not to puncture any of the organs and the guts you shouldn’t have to cut through any bones to do this and if you have any little organs or anything attached to this stomach just kind of gently cut them off with the fillet knife and there you go this is the belly meat right here and other than these little fins are here there’s no bones this is all me you right there look at that almost an entire third fillet off the belly meat there’s this membrane on here but I just leave it on and eat it it doesn’t bother me one bit but if that grosses you out you can try to scrape it off you scrape that off you can next take a metal table spoon and scrape it along the spine and ribs where the Flay came off whole spoonfuls of meat shavings should come off and you can get a substantial amount of catfish meat that was left behind by the flaying process the catfish also has pockets of meat along the cheeks which are more substantial on bigger fish one pound nine ounces 707 grams so it’s not too bad that’s respectable two pounds eight and a half ounces for two catfish or 1158 grams so that is uh that is a big meal now I’m going to show you some great recipes for cooking catfish now don’t get intimidated by the cooking it’s the easiest part you’ve already taught killed and cleaned the wild animal cooking’s easy I’m going to show you have four recipes catfish cakes catfish gumbo catfish nuggets and catfish po-boys so this is going to make the crab cakes this is going to make nuggets and po-boys and this is going to be for the gumbo okay for the catfish cakes take the shaved meat that you scraped off with a spoon put it in the dish bake it in the oven about 375 degrees for about 5-10 minutes or until it’s cooked all the way through pull it out let it cool and once it’s cool squish it up in your hands nice and and even sits just all mushed up then you’re going to take about six or eight Ritz crackers mush them up in the bag until they’re finely ground up and you’re going to add the crumbs into the bowl you’re going to take one egg and you’re going to mix that in to get a handful of chopped onions and full of green onions and then you’re going to add the seasoning which is a little bit of plain old yellow mustard then do a couple dashes of Old Bay seasoning this recipe is really flexible so don’t worry about being precise then one dollop of mayonnaise and I mix it all up until it’s nice and bushy now these proportions are not exact and I’m going to put the exact recipe in the description then you’re gonna take some peanut oil and put it in addition you want it to be about as deep as about the thickness of the patty this scrapings just from these two catfish is enough to make three patties now heat up the oil and test it with a little bit of patty and once it’s the right temperature cooks not too fast not too slow grow into patties they should be cooked all the way through in one to two minutes it’s not a lot of cooking on these they should be a nice golden brown put them on a towel to soak up the extra oil and you can either eat them in a sandwich like a po-boy or you can eat them plain with a little bit of tartar sauce for the catfish gumbo this is what you’re going to need it takes a lot of ingredients but it’s not complicated and it’s hard to screw up so get a hot skillet put some olive oil in there and throw in some cloves of garlic and then some minced onions then you’re going to add some yellow bell peppers you’re going to add some chopped up celery and just start trying that sucker up getting them all sweat then add a can of chicken broth and you just want to make these things swim a little bit add a sprinkle a tablespoon or two of flour to thicken it up just mix it really good so you don’t have clumps and then add some canned diced tomatoes and some tomato paste or tomato sauce mix it all up and just get it all bubbling and simran and add a couple bay leaves and then get a bunch of thyme and any other herbs you want and lay down in there let it start leaching flavor in there then chopped up okra got to have okra and mix it all up and let it simmer for about 20 minutes on a low heat add your salt your pepper and of course your cayenne pepper we’re Wiener so we put very small amounts in ours and then just let it simmer for a nice long time I’m at a low temperature about 20 minutes of simmering is what you want how many herbs and spices to put in it’s a very personal thing so taste it at this point see what you think okay once you got it down and it’s simmered for about 20 minutes add the chunks the cubes of catfish fold them in and let it simmer for another 10 minutes and you’re done absolutely fabulous next I got working on my catfish po-boys with these beautiful fillets now I’ve already done a couple fishing and cooking videos and I’ve got a great recipe for catfish po-boy I’m going to put a link in the description so if you want to see how to make this sandwich check there the catfish nuggets are also fabulous kids love these they’re very similar to making the po-boy very simple and quick I also did a video on how to make these I’m going to put a link in the description all this food from two catfish got some amazing catfish gumbo – wonderful catfish po-boys with cilantro butter head lettuce fresh tomatoes fresh rolls got these catfish cakes you can either eat them as is with a little tartar sauce or as a sandwich and all these catfish nuggets with the my ploy sweet chili sauce all of this food from just two catfish because we’ve laid them right we salvaged all the meat and man this is good stuff so anyway I hope this was helpful and hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching if you liked that video check out these great videos including my playlist on how to catch catfish got tons of great videos explaining everything you need to know to catch a great catfish and I’ve got this awesome video on my top eight catfish baits you like what you see don’t forget to click subscribe we put out new videos every week

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