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Hey awesome ones Heather here and you know I have a saying I don't know if you've heard it from me before but it's

we only have so many summers and we;ve got to enjoy these summers

And one of the ways that Bill and I like to enjoy the summer is to have a good old fashioned charcoal barbecue and Bill you've become a bit of a master at doing this right I don't know if I'm a master but maybe pretty close lol He's really really learned and and taken a lot of time to learn how to master this and he's going to show a few tips in this video and we're gonna show you what we're having for dinner and it all starts in just a few seconds So in the past Bill and I used to be kind of separated when we made these dinners I would be up here in the kitchen slaving away you know preparing the meal and he would be down at the barbecue slaving away just trying to get those charcoals just right

And one day I went wait a minute this is like all wrong So now I prepare the meal you know you've got to be really careful if you're working with chicken or fish or something, but most of the time I'm working with something that can keep a little bit and then when I've got it pre-prepared I go down and keep Bill company and it's so much more fun So today I'm sharing one of our favorite barbecue summery dishes and that is shish kebabs and also with a side of rice I make my rice a little bit different, so now because of you know we're using beef in this and a marinated beef but you could certainly use other kind ofuse chicken maybe salmon or you could use tofu or just make complete vegetables but yeah we really wanted to share this with you and as I said Bill's gonna give you some of his charcoal grilling tips as well So let's start with the shish kebabs and I'll show you what I did in order to get ready for these Well first of all I used kind of likeI like to use sirloin steak So I used a steak and I just cut it up and it was enough for a steak for the two of us Basically that's it and then I found this clubhouse marinade and it is so delicious and I just followed the instructions They say to add a bit of vinegar and that sort of thing and I've marinated the beef now for about four or five hours something like that in the refrigerator

Now I've also used when I can't find thi,s because it's hard to find, a can of beer, wine there's all kinds of other marinades that you can use but I like to have the meat fairly tender So I usually marinate it there also what I've done is I've got some grape tomatoes I have some red onions and I've also sliced up some bacon You don't have to use the bacon if you don't want to And also some green peppers that you can see there

So now for the skewers We have our own metal skewers that we use I feel like that guy onyeah scissor hand or the other guy Logan you know but anyway I digress but you can also get these little thinner ones Like smaller ones as well So those are also an idea or if you say hey I can't even find those anywhere, most of the grocery stores have the bamboo ones My hint for using the bamboo though you need to soak them in water or you're gonna have a lot of fire on your hands So make sure that you soak them in water before you get started

So talking about lettinglet's get started I'm going to start putting these together and I'll show you how I do that

So this is the order that I usually like to put them in First of all I put in part of the red onion because it kind of holds everything together then I go ahead with the beef and this bacon is uncooked but it will cook, it's cured anyways So they're usually just fine so I put that on there and then I put on a little grape tomato and then I put on some green peppers and then so on and so on So don't those look nice? Oh and they smell so good but let's talk about what they're going to sit on What they're going to sit on is just white rice and this is that 20 minute rice

Now I'm using white rice here because you know it looks prettier for pictures, but truth be told I usually use the brown rice which isn't really bleached or anything like that so it's got a lot of the natural ingredients, but you can always sort of put it on the stove and do it the old-fashioned way But a friend of mine taught me how to do rice like this in the microwave and basically all you do is you do the same ingredients You know the butter and the two cups of water and the rice I think it's one cup of rice and then you put it all together in here You put the microwave on 70%

I cover mine with a little bit of saran wrap or whatever but you put it in the microwave at 70% power for 20 minutes Turns out perfect Love love love this So the rice is done and look at how nice and fluffy it is all out of the microwave Absolutely love it

It's a little bit like a sticky rice but anyway it's time for us to go and see Bill's part of this and like I said the preps all done Now I can go hang out with Bill So here I am Bill I've finished doing my prep work and now it's time to hang out with you I love it

This is my favorite part Now it's your turn to show us how you do the charcoal barbecuing What kind of a barbecue do you have there? Well it's a it's a charcoal barbecue and it's the kind of egg shape or cylinder or nest maybe you might want to call it but it's perfect perfect size for Heather and I and just you know a couple guests or so And it's a Weber right? Yes it's a Weber charcoal barbecue Now I know when you started barbequing like a few years ago you were using the charcoal, the regular charcoal, but you really didn't like it What are you using for briquettes now? Well it'sit is that it's the charcoal briquettes Kingsford

No no no no sponsorship I love them because they're the quality is so good on them I've tried different companies and it's likeit takes forever on some of them This starts up Once you get it lit, it goes and it's perfect Now we're gonna start on the lighting of this and have you already got the briquettes already lined in the bottom of the Weber barbecue? Okay you want me to show show you? Let's see what you've got there Okay okay so now what have you got going on here Bill? Well we're having the shish kebabs tonight and I know how I'm gonna arrange them here

And what I've done is I've arranged the the charcoal in a nice line and I've put in there a couple fire starters hidden under there Can you show us what this fire fire starters are like what you use I use two different types I'm not sure ,I think these are zip I'm not sure maybe we can show the packaging of them too but what I do is I kind of bury them in there and that'll keep it going but I get it started with the the liquid

I'll use a little bit of And this burns off really good So you don't that's the same manufacturer as your starter cubes? Okay I find the combined

using both works great So go ahead I'm just gonna put a little on here

Don't try this at homelolor try it at home very carefully Okay so there we go Now usually I let that sink in or set in for maybe about two minutes I'm going to stand back a little bit

That looked like a lot of charcoal Go ahead I let that set for a while but in this case I'm gonna do it a little quicker Now what I'm gonna be lighting are the two bags and they burn completely And you see that one caughtyep and that one caught So what's gonna happen now? I don't have to go lighting anywhere else Okay now it's gonna spread All right

And what I'll usually do isnow you've got the grill there in your hands but show me what you use to clean the grill Bill Oh good

yeah that's a good question I've got a brush here Now this is not

I don't know if you can see it Heatheryeah I can see it It isit's not a wire brush

I've stopped using those because sometimes the little pieces of wire come off and they get into your food So this isand people have actually gone to the hospital with serious problems with that

Oh yeah so these are the natural bristles and you know it's a lot safer I just want to show people something too This is all on a concrete pad and it looks like it's close to our fence but it's really not that close to our fence So you know safety first everybody Make sure that you've got that in a really safe environment

So what do we do now Bill? You wait till they go a littlethese coalsthe fire goes down and they turn kind of a white color? Yeah you you know when it's ready to cook when the coals have turned white or grey color I guess and that's when you're ready to go I'm gonna put the the rack, the grill on top once the fire dies down or else I'm going to burn my hands Yeah so usually it takes about

depending on how many coals you're using, It can take about anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to get your coals fully grey Okay so you've put on the grill now but these still aren't good enough yet they're not

nonot enough You can see how the corners, so it's usually the corners that go first on it I'd still say it's about fiveseven minutes away from being done Okay all right so now that we're waiting for these you've got these gloves on You used to use a shorter glove but now you like the longer gloves You know what? When I'm out barbecuing I find that there's so much heat around the charcoal barbecue that you have to cover up on going up your wrist It's not so good just to have your hand covered

I've got to have the wrist covered too and you can see how far these go up That's great and so it gives me that extra protection against the heat And folks we're going to put some links below in the description and also in our blog if you want to get yourself some of these items We'll try to find exactly or very similar to them Get the long ones if you did

Not only those but the Weber barbecues that we like, like some of the utensils all that so you can be ready to go to do some great grilling Bill now with these shish kabobs because it's beef we don't like it overcooked right Rightso what you're going to do is you're just gonna put them sort of all over on the grill is that the idea and turn them a lot I'm gonna be turning them manually because we don't have those automatic rotation spits or whatever so I'm just gonna be lining them up you know like soldiers in a row and kind of direct heat but I'll be constantly flipping them and moving them around so that one is not getting overly overly done And how long will it be to cook these do you think I'm gonna say probably 7 to 10 minutes Ok but sometimes when you do sausages

how do you do those That's a good point Indirect heat

So the charcoal will be on half of the barbecue and I'll put the sausages close to it but on the part that doesn't have the charcoal and I will put the lid on and it's gonna take probably about 25 minutes to cook the sausages because it's indirect and every so often I'll be turning them as well Okay you know what I see the flames are gone here now look take a look at those I guess those are almost ready now right? Well I'd say about another four minutes Four minutes all right let's get the clock going So fast-forward four minutes

Those are looking good We've already put the shish kebabs on the grill but I'm seeing a little bit of flame there Is that just from the bacon or something though? Yeah that's from the meat, the bacon that's the grease is dripping down onto the onto the firefuel to the fire Now what you're doing now is you're just turning them

How many times will you turn them in the next A lota lot so I move some that are getting a little too much, away from the heat

it's just a rotation All right and we'll fast forward in a minute to see how they're doing We're definitely gonna have leftovers tomorrow

You think lol So oh I guess you're hungry I'm pretty hungry When we do these videos it ends up being like almost 9 o'clock before we eat, but it's all for the awesome ones right Bill Oh absolutely

So how are we doing there, so how are we doing there Bill? I think we're good to go All right so I got the rice over there and you can start plating Notice that it's covered up so that no none of the flies and bugs get at it We're just going to put this right on the rice and what I'll do is I'll pull out the skewers later Oh that's looking really nice Bill

Yeah has a nice color to it, nice flavor too And we got it done before it got dark Before the wild animals come smelling it Yeah really Even though we're in the big city there's always a raccoon or something that comes along and says that smells pretty good

Yeah at least it's not a bear Now there was a little little that fell off but, hey hold that

That's beautiful So Bill this looks delicious Look at this You guys see this? And we've got Hurricane in the picture here I don't know if he's in the film but I'm gonna make sure he doesn't eat my food here while I'm talking

But you know this is the time that we talk about the future videos coming up and for this station we're interviewing a couple of people You're going to be so inspired These are people who are chasing their dreams going after their dreams There such interesting stories and we really hope you're going to be inspired because you've got a dream inside you and you know what you might wantwhether it's a hobby it doesn't really matter Just go ahead and start her up again And the other channel which is awesome over 50 beauty and fashion Hurricane he's trying to get my food

Beauty and fashion We haveI've got some more makeup reviews coming up

I also have I'm still revamping that wardrobe of mine and we're almost ready to go on that and I'll show you how to spruce up some old clothes and make them wearable again So like I said we only have so many summers and what I want you to do is enjoy it

We're in our gazebo here, there's no bugs in here which is fantastic Make yourself some outdoor space even if it's on a balcony, enjoy the summer, have fun and keep it awesome Keep it awesome

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