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How to cook a beaver



Scrounging around for food shooting threatening that move keepin' dry under a roof oh yeah that's livin' the life at the Dead Ennnndddaaaaaahhhhhhhghghhg! Come on in So here we are We're in my Trappers Shack

and we're gonna cook some beaver that beaver in fact! That I skinned I'm gonna kinda go a little Asian and I'm going to stir fry it with some vegetables so I'm going to use the skillet so we'll let that warm up and I'll get the veggies ready okay here are the ingredients we got some bacon get things started Got the beaver meat with the meat I soaked it in salt water for two days to draw out the blood and then I put a little bit of seasoning on it for a few hours Some fresh beans from the garden Carrots out of the garden that I harvested in February you know what I mean some onions some red pepper and then the killer oyster flavored sauce

This isn't a Julia Child's recipe You're not gonna find any fancy ingredients like cooking sherry Unless you know a girl named sherry and she knows how to cook who can help you

First things first I have to get my stove the way I want it I'm gonna pull the pan back I'm going to open up the fire push the pan over the top so now I have two zones of heat I've got really hot right here over the fire and I got a warm a little well it's still hot over here but not as hot so two zones for cooking first ingredient Bacon SSssssssssssizzle! Bacon is really just to get that bit of bacon grease there so I can start to fry the meat on a hot heat

Fry the meaton a hot heat Now that the bacon is nice I'm gonna take the meat and throw it in

Pershlizzzelllllll I like to put the garlic in fairly soon seriously if you could smell this right now you would want to eat it right now now that it's browning pretty good I'm gonna take my oyster sauce so the meat is pretty much ready all I'm gonna do now pull it away from the heat to the other side and I'm going to steam my vegetables OK the veggies are nice and limp I mixed in the beaver with the veggies and now I've got some precooked spaghetti squash I'm gonna heat up on the side right here and that's what we're gonna put it on top of I've got some Beaver taste testers coming to test it out so you don't have to take my word for it you can see if they like it come on and have some beaver! Yay! did you fall down, Brandon? Did you have a good trip? I meant Brandon Does it smell good? I'm here with my two beaver taste testers Little bit for Brandon little bit for Jillian

taste it out tell me what you think you like it? I like it this is beaver try that Whoa! You like it? Yahtastes like meat Tastes like meat That means it's time for me to eat so I hope you enjoy this recipe and I hope you can enjoy your family like I do That's living the life at the Dead Ennndddaaaaaahhghghghghghhg! Feel free to share with as many cool people you can think of Thanks for comments and watching

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