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How to Cook a Damper | The Hook and The Cook


[UltraVid id=305 ]g’day guys Scottie lines here from the hook and the cook and welcome back to our Channel today it’s all about care pub and cooking I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful damper on the open fire okay let me run you through what you need to make a nice damper first off we start with a camp oven now camp up and start like small pots 6 or 8 inch pots up to quite large pots for doing bake dinners this is one in the middle and a side deal for doing dampers ok comes with a nice solid lead I like the camp oven scissors are a lip on the kick up that avoids any coals dropping in your your damper when you check it you need some self raising flour some baking powder some table salt of course a measuring cup some milk and a decent bowl to mix you damper up in right first part to this recipe is six cups of the flour six one tablespoon okay of baking powder and pinch of salt half a teaspoon is probably enough now I’ve had the milk out of the fridge just for a little while so it’s not super cold so it’s important when you’re mixing this mix mix up don’t add too much milk all in one go otherwise your damp will end up too wet the perfect damper mix is a consistency that you can pick up and it doesn’t stick to your hands now I will get my hands involved in a minute but I start off with a spoon and if you do end up a little bit too wet don’t be scared that a little bit more flour tiny mean there’s more damper to go around okay it’s starting to look pretty good there now so the way to check this before you start playing with this with your hands it’s just to serve it sticks now see that’s that’s still pretty sticky at the moment so I think we need add just a little bit more flour and then I’ll be able to pick it up with my hands and knead my damper into a nice dough okay guys I’ve added that extra flour as you can see it’s not sticking in my hand anymore which allows me to pick it up out of the pot I can start to work at it knead it over a few times on itself then roll it into a nice ball like that that’s pretty much it that’s ready to go straight into the camp oven okay with any camp cooking it’s important to have a good fire gun say good a good better coals I got my camp up in here which I’m just going to sit next to the fire to preheat it before we put our damper in camp ovens preheated and let the fire die right down most important thing when you’re cooking on open fires in camp ovens never ever cook on the main fire now the reason you don’t cook on the main fire is if you do you’ll just burn the bum or whatever you’re cooking so we’re going to take a shovel full of Carl’s and place it away from the main floor papi I can’t bobbin on and that Dave is ready to go in and in all you do is put another shovel full of curls on top sorry about the disorder and that creates the oven so you get heat from the bottom and heat from the top and will cook nice and evenly so give this about 20 minutes and then we’ll check it okay our dampers had 20 minutes it’s best to check it now just see if we need to add any more heat now that’s looking pretty good still a bit soft in the middle as you can see it’s not springing back starting to crust up a bit there I reckon another 10 minutes a little bit more heat on top and underneath and they’ll be spot-on okay guys we’re giving the day for another ten minutes we’ve added some extra heat underneath and on top let’s see how it looks look at that absolutely spot-on nice and high we got a beautiful golden crust on top and on the bottom it’s the same it’s not burnt nice and golden brown and I tell you what with honey and jam some melted butter it’s going to be absolutely beautiful we’re really going to enjoy it now tune in next week guys for another fantastic clip on the hook and the cook and remember to subscribe thanks for watching Cheers

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