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How to cook a DIM SUM FEAST


[UltraVid id=318 ]wouldn’t life such a beautiful thing don’t you think you guys are doing this content don’t forget to like this content here also well come on you’re part of the notification shout out to China shout out to Hong Kong shout out to everybody that’s watching me down on Billy Billy thank you guys for always checking in and supporting me on Chinese biggest I want to say the biggest platform I’m about to tackle the most hardest dish I have ever attempt in my life being some give him some fees let me show you how easy it is let me show you how you know I’m gonna say it let me show you how easy it is to make dim sum don’t blame to pork shoulders here which I’m just gonna put him up and just dice them into the food processor so to a blender don’t worry about the bits guys it’s just for the mince garlic that means stuff beforehand all we’re doing with this blitzing this you don’t wash will just want it nice and blitz this guys I might just make my own word up let’s but just make it chunky gay nice and blitz you want to go through it why we’re going through it because we’re looking for pieces like this pretty much the vertebrae or the skin that did not break down in this because you do not want in our dim sum because it’s gonna be quite chewy next we’ve got a portion this into three do take out to throw it to the side one of this portion we’re gonna make some sue myself I got one cup of shrimp going into my mixer here just gonna throw this mixture into our seam I also to shiitake mushroom tablespoon of fish sauce tablespoon of sesame oil tablespoon of shaoxing wine 1 teaspoon of garlic a teaspoon of ground ginger 1 tablespoon of cornstarch 1/2 tablespoon sugar if your beautiful clean hand get right into it our hack out or our shrimp dumpling so I got one cup of shrimp going in on teaspoon of ginger teaspoon of garlic it was spoon of sesame oil tablespoon of fish sauce mix this up nice blitz right to a bowl here we got 1 teaspoon of cornstarch going in next to filling guys it’s just for my sake right so I’m just gonna put through the mixtures together got 1 and 1/2 couple of shiitake mushroom tbsp of garlic teaspoon of ginger tablespoon of dark soy sauce he will spoon off sesame oil then I got the best sauce every creative guys la guy Matt or grandma sauce so one tablespoon of this so this is pretty much just chili oil some soy bean curd you know a bunch of goodness in there so I’m gonna do one big heaping scoop of that in there it’s a teaspoon of fish sauce nothing to it we have to get the sugar 1 tablespoon of this take your beautiful Queen Anne get ready to again mix this in very well as touches one tablespoon corsage why coarse arch they acts like a tenderizer so mix that in we’re just gonna fry this up it’s nice and cooked I’m just gonna push this to the side I got a steamer here weapon banana leaf here I have some glutinous rice which I just soaked overnight all I’m gonna do take this glutinous rice throw into my banana leaves pop this lid on steaming time 30 minutes to make good sticky rice guys I have lotus leaves here as well so after that steams and that cools down a bit I’m gonna wrap this in my Lotus leave everybody’s favorite Fung Shui or aka chicken feet everybody’s favorite right so I’m doing is just cutting this chicken’s feet nails off what you got the nails nice and chopped up I’m just gonna take a towel dry them out and good as possible because these will go into the fryer guys nice and heated guys please be careful we’re just gonna toss in our chicken wing or chicken feet and we’re gonna fry this for about five minutes to heads up these will pop eggs be careful alright if you guys are flipping chicken wings or chicken feed five minutes up you put chicken feet nice crispy and delicious you could just eat it like this well we got to braise it take your beautiful fried chicken feet toss it into your instant pot shoutout to instant pot again look at all the beautiful feet in this tablespoon of dark soy sauce a teaspoon of sesame oil one tablespoon of honey truly okay few tablespoon of logon man or grandma sauce this is my twisting take on it guys one tablespoon of garlic 1 teaspoon of ginger order teaspoon of salt and pepper toss in half a cup of water get that good mix in top on my lid you’re gonna cook this for about 50 minutes alright back to our sumaya I know I’m everywhere guys but trust me guys this is the process of making a dim sum feast alright so wonton wrapper 3 cups of flour 2 crack eggs we have 1 cup of water add in slowly and all we’re looking for guys when we’re making wonton wrapper come on it’s a nice hard dough always look for our next part dog when you’re making wonton wrapper what you got any dough nice and corporate we’re just gonna throw this in the fridge for 30 minutes 30 minutes up take our wonton wrapper cry chop you see how smooth that was do another one crunch ahh another successful job yeah roll this up once we roll this out I’m gonna take this to our pasta maker pass it through our pasta maker and we’re gonna go down take a second I’ll get that nice and rolled out I’m gonna grab some corn starch toss it on front hit back take your cutter for your cup cut out wonton wrappers once you got your wonton wrapper all I’m gonna do take one wonton wrapper roll it up a bit more because we wanted a thin as possible take a spoon very simple throw it right in the middle right there like that yeah I don’t know why I got so excited with that all right all we’re gonna do now is push this down I’m gonna cut this like this right there’s no stop pushing this down form it with our hand we’re gonna Pat the bottom then boom BAM you got your home AC mine right here nice big and jumbled hack out rapper or steamed dumpling wrapper so I got one cup of wheat starch here one cup of potato starch one cup of boiling water yeah yeah I’m excited once it becomes nice and crumbled up that take your beautiful clean hand get into it again be careful because it’s hot this nice to mix all we’re gonna do is keep our parchment paper and throw it on top grabbing a piece and you got to work fast guys cuz this stuff dries up fast so I’m gonna roll up to a ball I’m not gonna make it a traditional way I’m gonna do it my way it’s last time I did traditional way I think it was the hardest thing ever yeah it’s a new generation guys a new generation of hipsters growing and changing the game up I know a lot of old folks don’t like it but these hipster guys they’re changing the game up so once I got my dough you can half the roller again run it to my pastor older one you just go down until it becomes nice and big so he’s down really we’re gonna take the filling nice what we’re gonna do we’re gonna fold it this is the easiest way I don’t know what I was doing last time but it was the easiest way right here I’ll show you so fold it like that all right don’t you fall like that we’re just gonna crimp it like this they see what I’m doing just crimp it see once I take this side I’ll put this side alright a dough is drying up that’s okay we got our dumpling nice and huge here you got your hike I’ll see you mine all ready to be steamed so I’m just gonna wrap this up for the time Jean for now next I’m not too sure what this dish is called but I always get it at dim sum but it’s pretty much slice eggplants stuffed with shrimp so get your eggplant all I’m gonna do cut diagonally then cut a little slit here like that take our shrimp filling for our hike out I’m just gonna stuff it stuffing like this set it aside cover this throw in the fridge for the time being all right last thing guys lo Mai gai glutinous rice and motifs leaves cut this bottom stem here darkness rice or a sticky rice she just said sticky rice would have been easier hey we’re that sauteed goodness we made before or in the beginning push that right in the middle right there it’s like an envelope one side to side three side roll it up like a cigar there it is love my guy little my guy complete two double decker so into the steamer for 20 to 25 minutes oh yeah take this throw it over let’s fry up our eggplant so I got a cup of olive oil here I’m just gonna fry this up onto my pan here 3 minutes up take a bit of water take a lid my fire is off so about two to three more minutes and it’s good all right see you my going in 10 to 12 minutes next hour hi gal eight to ten minutes so beautiful you guys know what the name for this dish is called please do tell me because I’m not even sure about it but I love eating it it’s eggplant fried in some goodness and its top it off with a nice sauce which I’m just gonna make right now so the sauce is what’s gonna gamma or grandma’s sauce tablespoon of dark soy sauce 1 teaspoon something honey 2 tbsp of water 2 1 tablespoon of cornstarch air which I’m just gonna blend in final last few touches I put a bowl in here because the chicken feet and I can’t just sit there you know what I mean look how beautiful that is or eggplant just not beautiful sauce we made kind of looks like an eggplant shrimp taco it yeah it’s beautiful after I opened these bamboo dim sum package guys your favorite chef Chef Ramsay better sit his butt down so we got hangout or shrimp dumpling the best thing ever and is nice and jumbo put that lid back on just cuz we want it nice and hot next see you my or pork and shrimp dumpling – put the sriracha on top up put sriracha on top after this right here guys hike out just want to see my – I’m just gonna place it up there it’s nice next no my guy oh my guy is sticky rice Chinese dim sum sticky rice you can’t wait to break into it it’s nice warm and steamy next eggplant with a black bean Malcolm a sauce or grandma’s sauce most beautifulest thing ever last but not least yeah just pretend this still nice like that next function wha or Chinese chicken feet my twist my take on it with love got my or grandma sauce on it when he gets gonna come by it’s nice and hot just come through have you guys ever been to Kwan’s dim sum ever I heard it’s the best I heard he makes everything everything I mean everything from scratch and makes them jumble – guys here it is this is the shrimp in eggplant BM some quick time you guys know the name for this please do tell me take the first bite of this nice I’m super pumped for this I think the egg blends a little raw well on one side I say mm-hmm that little part there’s a little raw but I’m just eat a riot it’s delicious next look how nice this is isn’t this the most beautifulest hangout you guys ever seen it’s so beautiful quick time guys nice I’m up for this that’s delicious the dope here’s a little chewy but it’s delicious all right next see you my pork and shrimp dumpling I should have put some crab roll on this or sriracha just for the aesthetic look but I bet you still love it I’m pumped for this mm-hmm truly truly truly amazing that’s so bombs ah chicken feet I think this is just the regular chicken feet I don’t know but I need to buy or find the baked chicken feet guys quick that nice pop for this it’s not a little gelatinous I want it to be a little more gelatinous mm-hmm take that back just because the fingers are so tiny it’s hard to get the meat around it but around the belly here or that was this called forearm it’s amazing you guys don’t like the gelatinous eat taste it and what it’s just chicken skin that’s all it is so right it tastes like a good gelatinous chicken skin mm-hmm you know the wing part the wing part of the wing you know that little flap that was called but that’s what it is that’s why it tastes like all right oh my god oh my god Lois my guy Lo is my guy all right right for this yeah oh yeah this right here guys is the most beautifulest thing ever look all that meat on there for this guys here it is low oh my god sticky rice nice home for this mm-hmm it’s delicious the only thing I wish for this to be more mmm what I changed my mind is perfect I wanted this grain to be a little thicker you know how sometimes goodness rice is a little more thicker and grain I bought a small green including this rice yes i’ma buy a thicker ring I don’t like you guys this must this has this village it was the hardest meal I ever prepped in my life hmm the hardest the longest there’s so much little details I had to work on but still worth it I’m so tired right now after this video I will pull sit up and I’m gonna pass out shout out to all the DM some chefs out there I hope they were getting paid more than minimum wage mm-hmm hope you guys enjoy this one don’t forget to subscribe you have it also don’t forget to pick up one yard I’m sure it’s full of beautiful things sure share this go up here you brat ah look at you what are your new haircut it’s so nice kitty I cannot stress it enough kitty it’s so nice kitty loves compliments right kitty neela hungry ah is my kitty a little hungry want some chicken feet that’s a cookie obviously you want some cookie pizza

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