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How to Cook a Filet Mignon Steak – VLOG



right the guide to cooking a perfect steak Season it first just sort of push in beautifully done get some nice large grains of pepper That's the kinda noise you want to hear when the pan is frying get a pair of thongs, turn in over Very carefully lol so this is not the regular cooking show that you see on YouTube this is more like a beginner's vlog into cooking a filet mignon for the first time in this life kind of show so let's get at the facts I have never touched a filet mignon before or even though they even exist in the first place I mean like the only reason I got this heavenly chunk of meat is because my work colleague here Andrew bought me this meat to check out if I like a fancy slab of meat thanks drewww and the last time i ever got close to cooking a steak was a dollar store sausage which basically means I got no experience whatsoever about cooking a fancy piece of meat but with the power of YouTube and Ramsay the Gordon blue I managed to get myself the ingredients and knowledge to slap myself a good piece of mignon (duck squeak) so first i left the steak on room temperature for about an hour to get rid of the cold center then Imma season it with some ground black pepper a steak seasoning I found in target my land owners rosemary and her Martin sea salt as well seasons that juicy chunk of flesh and push in (pusheen) to enrich the flavor at this point I felt that the meat is softer than my pillow I mean like I just feel unworthy of touching his fanciness

I mean like just look at how the meat relaxes you can just feel how soft it is just by looking at it turn on the heat to high put just a little bit of oil which I failed on that one wait till smoke comes out and sizzle that meat cooking four minutes on each side is the time to get a medium well kind of doneness which is how I like it if you want medium rare you can cook it on three minutes so now just take the time to look at the magnificence of this flesh sizzling and you guys seen this moment oh my god [fire alarm sounding] poke this I did not expect this to happen looks amazing make sure you have the vent on well to do the other side for another 4 minutes lift the slab of goodness and plate that meat well even though the first try didn't go as planned it sure does taste amazing no no okay let's do it again season and push in cook for four minutes on each side and here comes the flip

look at that golden brown almost burnt crisp that is sexy okay now im covering the pan cuz all is starting to fall out too much making the kitchen dirty and I feel bad cuz my landowner is beside me but it does give some benefits like cooking the steak more evenly like an oven but that's entirely up to you lift, plate it, lubricate it, and voila at this point if you guys aren't confident yet in cooking your first Filet mignon that's a big misteak PUNNNNNNNNNNN! well this is a new feature in my channel I will be featuring weekly quotes at the end of my videos given by my lovely viewers that comment, friends, and family so please don't hesitate to comment down below some OG quotes to get a shout-out to my lovely ninety (2) subscribers so here's this week's quote by a work colleague of mine named Zeus well thanks guys for watching this video, hope this video helped and have you enjoyed this video please hit that like button down and if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button down below and don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell icon for more weekly content I really appreciate it guys have a good one

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