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How To Cook A Turkey | Spatchcock Smoked Turkey



today we are spatchcocking turkey spatchcocking and turkey is basically butterflying the turkey to do that we need to take the backbone out so we're gonna place the turkey breast side down and the backbone is the full length here of what we'll be removing that's going to allow us to lay the bird flat the reason you want a spatchcock really there's lots of reasons first it increases the surface area so the skin all around gets really crispy second it adds the variety of ways you can prepare a turkey and best of all it evens out the cooking so the meat is super juicy here's the spatchcocked turkey so my next step in getting the spatchcock turkey ready is splitting the breasts so this is pretty difficult we need to pop that cartilage and get it flattened out a little bit more once your turkey is spatchcocked it's ready to start adding a rub I use just a basic rub with garlic powder cayenne pepper salt I'll put the recipe in the description one thing differently I'm gonna do with the turkey that I don't do with my other pork is I'm gonna add some herbs to it I've got just a basic Mrs Dash salt free container and I'm just gonna add a little bit there's also a little citrus in here a little lemon so that'll be nice with the turkey as it's smoked so as far as this point is we are ready to put this bird in the smoker the smoking temperature I've gone for is about 240 degrees right now it's approaching that but I still need to clean the grill so I'm gonna clean it and then close that lid so I can heat up again quickly so our smoker heated up real nicely a couple basics on smoking this top vent needs to be open somewhat at all times that's gonna allow the harmful chemicals and gases to release this side vent over here on the side barrel that's gonna be open when you need to heat up or you're gonna close it if you are running too hot in your barrel so I am about 260 degrees got a lot of charcoal in there I'm gonna close the side vent leave this one open just a little bit that'll allow it to not heat up as fast also when I add my wood that's been soaking overnight in water it's going to heat up as well because that wood can't combust pretty easily so I want to be careful not to get too hot low and slow so remember we won a 240 degree temperature this got up to about 280 so when it gets too hot I find an opportunity to put my thermometer in this digital thermometer works amazing I can check my degrees as it goes without opening the lid and losing a lot of heat it also will beep when it reaches the temperature right now that says 174 pork it depends who you ask what temperature you want your turkey to be at some say 160 some say 165 some say 180 you need to make your determination on what temperature you use but I'm gonna take it out at 160 once I put the aluminum foil tent on top it'll raise up to 165 I'll keep a lot of the moisture in and food handlers have gotten a lot safer with their food so that's why I take it out a little early all right it's been about five hours our turkey is ready once I put that tent on top it's gonna raise another five the juices are gonna distribute and isn't smoking meat awesome I had so much fun today relaxing doing chores talking to my family and monitoring the temperature this side barrel smoker is way better than an electric smoker you get to monitor it adjust things add coals add wood it really is a nice activity and keeps you busy the more work you put in really the benefit comes out before we go you may have seen this really nice barbeque grill set here we are doing a giveaway one of our lucky fans is gonna win this all you need to do is like comment and share and you'll be entered in one week we're given that out and also if you're like me you like to barbecue year round whether it's smoking barbecuing this is gonna be used year-round for us can't wait to see who wins it good luck and we'll see you in the next video

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