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How-To Cook Action Bronson’s Beef Tongue Nachos


[UltraVid id=323 ]we’re here in the munchies Test Kitchen with Action Bronson you really looking intro yeah I’m doing it we’re here with our new book mighty late night meals no world’s best chefs make sure you keep it next to the toilet like I do or in your kitchen – no we’re making some beef tongue chili nachos this recipe is frying ground beef some yeah literally literally yeah oh those recipes from Jenna and from the black hoof in Toronto she made this for her hurt late-night munchies meals will heat this oil up to like shimmers a bit just like that nice and hot there we go rub the tongue on the butt a lot of meat smell smells like my house back in the day chilli I needed a facial I was gonna go to rules without Avenue today why not you can have a tongue facial that’s an even better one sorry I know you’re adding the stuff some beef stock into there yeah this is Monterey Jack cheese I’m just gonna grate some of this that’s looking good shweet a sense even easily I think it anything you wanted a little juicy all you wanted to be totally done what do you want tell me what type of ship you lose we got some corn for Chile’s this certain type of the corn ones I don’t with let me see if this is it [Laughter] onion green pepper oh and we should we’re gonna do a little bit of lime zest on it that works you know either cheese a guacamole need some sort of adhesion so where we add now this tomatoes yes it’s got agave in there like a little natural sweetener I’m a good sprinkler you Bart I’ve always been good at Winkley yeah I’ve have a delicate hand yeah I have an autistic and I’ve always been good at sprinkling zester that so are we going in with this person and doing another layer if you were doing chefs laid out yeah where are you going I would probably go on a crazy tour we wouldn’t we wouldn’t come home for three days there – see now we’re talking but it’s not done yet what happens now do we want things happen we get some shredded lettuce on it what’s it I like the way it looks now [Laughter] hate lettuce on things but it’s like it’s kind of like I don’t know we’ll do a little this it’s also an agua thing it gives it kind of a water wash I can’t explain it but it’s good for certain things the tacos it’s good for like that a water whoosh my portion size was a bit off on this one we should have put Pam oh you know what I mean touch of salt we’ll go one step with them sweep that business all right please let’s serve up some more of these things that’s it I don’t know just put them on plates there for you there’s 65 recipes in here in the world’s best chefs there’s cocktails or desserts a lot of it I thought maybe you could literally make a recipe for every party you have throughout the unit exactly I felt like I felt like I was on the true justnow munchies let’s go

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