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How to Cook Adobong Sitaw



how are you? I'm Vanjo Merano of PanlasangPinoycom I really miss adobong sitaw (snake beans in soy sauce base) do you miss it too? I bet some of you haven't tried this for sometime too so when I woke up, I went directly to the market to buy the ingredients for our Adobong Sitaw dish

Let's cook this quickly, I've been craving for this for the complete list of ingredients, please check at the description of this video below pre heat cooking pot add pork sear, it means cook it without cooking oil let it extract pork oil stir fry until brown in color then after few minutes, it will turn brown and pork oil is extracted continue until pork oil extract is enough add garlic the pork oil extract will saute the garlic cook garlic until a bit brown then mix and cook together add yellow onion, chopped any type of onion will do Eg white, red onion continue to stir fry until onion is soft it's ready, get ready with soy sauce pour it here then let it simmer, mix add water cover the pot continue to cook for 20 min between low to medium heat, if it starts to dry up, add more water after 20 min

, pork is tender, we simmered this to tenderize the pork while doing this, we are also extracting the flavor from the pork add white vinegar Cane vinegar will also do let the liquid simmer, then mix add sugar to balance out the sourness Mix it's ready to add the snake beans mix again, then cook for 5 min it's better to cover to cook the snake bean if you prefer saucy dish, add more water it's ready mix and add seasoning: salt and ground black pepper but better to taste it first prior so we know how much should be added add a little bit of salt mix with ground black pepper mix for the last time Make sure seasonings are blended once, mixed, let's transfer to a serving bowl and serve here's our Adobong Sitaw come, let's eat!

Source: Youtube

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