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How to Cook Against a Culinary Genius (2/3)



I’ve got a scientific strategy in place, but I still can’t really cook So what I need are some basic culinary skills, that even I can’t mess up

I’m on my way to an Italian cooking school, and that’s exactly what I need Someone to get me started on Italian cuisine, ‘cause I’m gonna be serving my food to an Italian crowd They know what they like, but when they don’t like it, they let you know about it Hello second gear! Now Charles told me that tomatoes are a key flavor enhancer Full of Umami, the strong, savory flavor which can make food irresistible

They’re a staple ingredient in good Italian food I’m meeting Carmen Medzola… Hi! …who specializes in traditional Italian cuisine, for a crash course in making a classic tomato sauce Please follow me Thank you The man I’m cooking against, is Italian

Okay And he has a Michelin Star Okay Do you think I can do it? Just to learn you maybe some secrets that we use in our kitchen… That’s exactly what I need …and then mostly its up to you, you know

When you come in the kitchen, you have to use your heart and your passion Ah, that sounds so good when you say that Let’s go! Yeah, so we can… Okay On the way in, we picked some of her highly prized home grown produce Oh wow! Look at this! We need to just pick some tomatoes… Okay

…and some cherry tomatoes for the sauce Please if you can take the red tomatoes, because they’re necessary, they will taste sweet Okay And so they will be better The smell is just incredible

The volcanic ash content in the soil gives them their unique flavor Get me out of this greenhouse if you wanna have anything left That’s perfect That’s nice Italian tomato sauce

What is the secret? Tomato, olive oil and garlic Cook no more than five, six minutes All these years… Yeah …I’ve been waiting to find the secret The secret is, you chop your tomatoes, you put the garlic in and cook it for five, six minutes? Exactly

Okay With all the skins, all the juice, and all the seeds Because we don’t care You don’t include the garlic in the dish at the end? Some people, they think that we love the garlic That’s not true

We like the garlic flavor You just want the aroma… Exactly Add an Italian pinch of salt A big pinch of salt Exactly

Okay And then if you like basil… Love basil …we don’t chop Don’t chop… A tear …only tear

Bravissimo why? Okay, it goes black? Bravo! So that’s a great fresh cherry tomato sauce This is my first ever Italian dish Now if you’d told me yesterday I’d be cooking this, I would’ve gone “mamma mia, how am I gonna do this” To see if my sauce is any good, we’re serving it up with a little fresh pasta Mmm

They’re excellent I’ve got my basic sauce now, but I need something to serve it with I think my best plan is to get one simple dish and do it really well One thing I love is fish Oh hey! My first fillet of fish

I’ve always thought sea bass was a classy dish, plus it’s local to the region So it’s time for cooking lesson number two So it’s all about very very simple ingredients, and the taste is an explosion in your mouth If I went into a restaurant and got this, I would be one happy customer I feel crystal clear that the way for me, is simplicity

It’s all about how simple this is

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