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hello and welcome back to another episode of salty tails, there you go baby today we have something special this is a churrasco better known as flat meat guys, yes, this thing is awesome, is so, so quick to be done on the ninja foodi that you guys are gonna be impressed and the flavor on this thing is amazing, we did a bunch of tests already, and we more or less know how to do it, so, let's get into it baby ok guys, lets put our beautiful churrasco to the side because takes way less time that our french fries so let's start working on our french fries right now, come on, follow me the first thing we're gonna do is go ahead and peel our potatoes you can use any kind of potato I'd rather the red ones so let's go ahead and peel our potatoes now that we have ready our potatoes already season we gonna start assembling our ninja so the first thing we're gonna do is open up your ninja settle your basket preheat it for five minutes french fries they take usually 14 minutes so I'm gonna put it all the way up to 19 minutes and then when we reach 14 we open it up and put it fries in there so I do 25 seconds the ninja will be preheated so we're gonna go ahead and over the top and put our french fries in there look see it doesn't get hot let's open up and we're gonna put our fries in there listen listen listen listen you see that? you hear that? we are going to close out lit back on and it just keeps going by itself all we need to do is wait when you reach seven minutes the potatoes are done so you give it a few more minutes and they'll be really really really crunchy okay guys, let me tell you something here, you can open the ninja when your air crisping anytime you want to, french fries it's either 14 or 12 minutes let me show you exactly what I'm doing right now always with your gloves on to me they're perfectly done I see I have two minutes and six seconds so we're going to pull the air crisper

look at this how beautiful and crispy and done let's put it in here and there are your french fries no we're gonna do this we're going to take that air crisper and put it on a side and we gonna go ahead and set up our grill because we're gonna work on our steak let's put it back in here we're setting up our ninja for our steak keep it hot because you're gonna put next your steaks thank you all we're gonna do now is we're gonna go and season our churrasco very simple all you need is salt and we're going to do it in both sides and pepper

okay we're back again here with our ninja and we already set it up with a grill inside and we'll just go ahead and set up the time we're gonna roast, 375 for five minutes I like it medium rare so five minutes is for medium rare let's set up the time there you go start and let's go ahead and put our churrasco inside out ninja, there we go

and let's close our ninja and let it do the work I will see you in five minutes with everything ready quick simple and fun after almost two minutes that we have our churrasco in there we're just gonna turn them around this is so pretty look how pretty this is so pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty did you hear that? ok so our ninja already stop, I'm sorry, look at this, so beautiful, oh my god it smell so good so good look at the juices oh my gosh let's put it in here and let's put the next one in here, look at all that juice and this little piece let's put it right here best part is coming, tasting so, let's set up everything and we'll see you right here well well here we are this is amazing guys the smell on this thing is awesome those potatoes look good potatoes or potatoes? try it, try it, wow really crunchy really really crunchy really nice but soft inside you know the edges is really crunchy in the middle there's soft really good but let's go for the start let's go for the main guy here man so juicy so tender

oh brother this is AWESOME, this is DEEEEEEELICIOUS man! this is awesome, this is good stuff minutes guys five minutes guys, beat that! – awesome Wow quit simple and fun look at this is just a cup like butter I don't know if you can see the colors there really tender I know in Argentina you guys like this one a little bit well done I don't know really enjoy well done steak so this one is really really really really really really good, you know what, if you put a little bit of garlic powder right, yeah, it took for the fries if only takes 12 minutes, it depends on the amount of potatoes that you put in there and the steak is five so you literally have a dinner in 17 minutes that's it ,17 minutes, it's 17 minutes that you don't have to be watching it or something no like that, all you need to do is drop it in there and go and do something else come back but when it is ready you know and do whatever you have to do mm-hmm they're potatoes I mean it's just a regular potato peel mm-hmm it tastes awesome awesome and the steak is out of this world! so, if you like the video please hit us with a LIKE and if you want to say anything about this video, you know, any comments you have any question you have any suggestions you have put about the comments I'm also the recipe description the links for the ninja and for pretty much everything we used to play it's gonna be on the description of the video subscribe if you haven't and remember that I LOVE YOU!

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