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How to cook an oatmeal with milk ?


[UltraVid id=334 ]today I am going to show you how to prepare an immunity so basically we need five ingredients milk toast then I prefer the quicker route coming sugar and cinnamon first off we pull one is love milk we can run the girl cool the milk a bit spoiled second of all you need to put trick water oats in this and then while the milk or the fire we’re going to put some sugar also estrogen to get that sweet date in the oatmeal same as honey [Music] and then we stir it just like that we do wait till the round spoiled you see the milk started to boil now then we fold our oath [Music] you just click throws any light voicemail oh six just to get that gold structure and royal toil just post on cinnamon a little experiment will save something for later with during you vertical you keep stirring activity structure you move it you see the pan I like my listen take the boys not to Troy [Music] and for the topping you can add cinnamon like this you can add some banana you can add some strawberries whatever you like and there you have it how to cook an oatmeal with a milk thank you for watching

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