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[UltraVid id=338 ]want to get your chicken to room temperature you don’t want to wait too long and let it sit there for too long it’s not healthy let’s get it out of the fridge let it sit for maybe thirty minutes in a warm area and it will be close enough to room temperature to where you can cook it then what you want to do is you want to pre-heat your pan on medium and you want to just boil it up a bit of a smaller oil okay once your pan is preheated what it takes you work for slide in the past now the chicken makes ticket for sticking the bottom don’t worry about it that’s one six foot it will actually unstick there and I’ll show you the moment keep cooking it alright so we’ve been cooking for about maybe two minutes and you see it starting to come up nice and easy see it stick it started go away let’s cook it for another minute minute and a half now see in a moment this all depends on the thickness of the chicken that you have okay so just use your eye okay so we are now at about a minute and a half two minutes later so now what happens is the fact that we let it cook on that side didn’t touch it flip it it’s got that nice crust on the bottom without ripping tarts off the chicken and so forth so what we’re going to do take it I take a look that beautiful crust on there see that that’s the crust you’re looking for if you had ripped it up earlier when it was sticking you were taking off all that beautiful crust look at that now what I like to do in the second size is turn it down tip the tasks from medium to medium-low kind of like from basically from five to four so we’re going to let those cook for another few minutes on that side and then we’ll take them off and let them rest for a few minutes almost finish here another quick tip as well is if you haven’t come for your pan you could cover it and that steam will actually help that chicken cook a little more quickly and keep a lot of that juice that’s flying out and steamed inside that chicken there will be a very juicy piece of chicken interesting all yummy and ready to go let’s play

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