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How to Cook Asparagus in a Pan


[UltraVid id=348 ]hi I’m Tim Schweitzer local cooking show and today I’m going to show you a quick and easy asparagus recipe here we go first we have our beautiful bunch of local asparagus here and what we’re going to do first is we’re going to cut off the woody stems of our asparagus just like that leave the rubber band on this garbage alright now we’re going to come in here with our pan on high you get that heated up real quick and we are going to go ahead and add our extra virgin olive oil there we go move that around you want to coat the entire surface of your pan now you know when your olive oil is getting nice and heated up when the viscosity is right you’ll see it move around the pan will start loosening up and you know we’re getting ready to add our garlic so I’ve some crushed garlic here and we are just going to do one spoonful once our pan gets heated up to where that oil starts pull away from the edge there we go we’re getting that so we’re going to add in a heaping spoon of garlic and you start to hear that sizzle up there we go now we don’t want to burn our garlic but we do want to get it nice and golden brown release all that flavor there we go well now we’re going to add some crushed black pepper turn our pan down burn our garlic gets a little hot you can move it off the heat take it off swirl it around I’ll pull you down get back to the proper kettle and as much black pepper as you’d like I prefer a lot so I’m just going to keep on going here and this is smelling great just a bit all right we’re going to bring this back up the temp here we are about ready to add our space our asparagus go in a cooler and it just I really want your asparagus coated in all and got stuck in there all right you have Sperry sizzling now we are going to add in a large pinch of salt rather generous now you don’t over salt your asparagus but you definitely want to have a hefty amount in there you’re going to let that sit for about two minutes let that asparagus cook down so often just give that asparagus give it a turn buddy don’t want to burn that garlic right now the trick with asparagus is you don’t want to overcook it you don’t want a dark brown it’s not going to look good it won’t present well we definitely want to keep some of the integrity while softening up the stalk of it this is looking wonderful now stop halfway through add some crushed red pepper a little bit of heat your preference so if you don’t like hot things don’t add in the pepper and we are cooking down nicely we’re almost there now some people like to add a little bit of water in to steam the asparagus a bit my preference is white wine vinegar it gives almost the pickling flavor to the asparagus with a little bit of Tang little zip go can splash that in there just a bit don’t overdo it let that go for about another minute that coated in all that vinegar the vinegar also helps retain the green color of the asparagus and now you’re not going to dull them down it’s also another upside to it you smell that vinegar coming through oh yeah see how the asparagus is starting to wilt that’s what you’re looking for don’t overdo it that’s just about where you want so we’re going to go ahead and pull this off the heat one more quick toss turn our meat off we’re going to throw a plate on there I’m going to show you how it looks presenting now this goes great with chicken fish pretty much anything well you put your main course down there just grab a big old and fold that asparagus and lay it right out on your plate and how good does that look so there you have it a quick simple and easy asparagus dish that you can impress your friends with and you’ll love remember go to our website follow us on facebook twitter all the links are below thank you so much for watching our video and join us next time you you

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