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How to Cook: Authentic Chile Verde |CharismaticCook



Hi guys and girls Welcome to my kitchen Welcome to my little house Today we will cook green chile My friend Veronica asked me so this dish is for her We'll do it with pork and chicken because some of my friends do not eat pork Hare the two are the same process so let's cook It is very easy to cook but it has a delicious flavor So come with me to make Chile green Nesesitaras 3 roasted poblano chiles you put them in a plastic bag to sweat and the peels With a rag sweat more Put the tomatillos in a tray with olive oil cut in half the doraras in the oven of the stove only the handles My tomatillos are sewn and now just peel the garlic All the Echala sauce in some dish Lavadito and without seed The amount of chili is to your liking use olive oil 1 tbsp Only 3 Min per side Add the onion and garlic Add the sauce to the pan It's going to be a little thick but do not worry we'll throw chicken soup Now the carnita The meat was already sealed Put all the other ingredients that are cover it so that it is sewn with a short flame The green pork and chicken chili are now ready to be served with rice or beans I was missing my CHILITO I am well Mexican: 0) It does not hit anything The taste is very tasty Health I would like you to simply smell it The green chile was exquisite the truth does not matter if you do it chicken or pork each has its tasty little room I want to thank my friend Veronica for suggesting me to make this recipe Traditional You can find me on Instangram Facebook and twitter My name is Charismatic Cook and I thank you for having been with me today Thank you very much for the support and I love you! Thank you

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