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How to “Cook” Avocado Toast When You’re Unexpectedly Single



Hello and welcome back to Cooking for the Unexpectedly Single Uh, if you're like me, one of the first things that you really missed when your spouse or partner left you is going to brunch

It's just not as fun alone And then secondary to that, of course, is that you don't get to order ten-dollar avocado toast But luckily I can show you how to make it at home And it's not even ten dollars What you'll need is some avocado and some bread, which (when toasted) becomes toast

I've got some bread in the toaster now I'll show you how to prepare the avocado Um, I've chosen one that's pretty firm and not too firm It's always a bit of a gamble Sometimes an avocado is b–all brown on the inside

Um, it's kind a like a–when you meet somebody, you just–just can't tell Anyway, what you're gonna do is cut the avocado in half, vertically You'll hit the pit in the middle and just kinda spin around it So let's start here and then spin around, then you twist And there it is

This one looks pretty good The fancy, satisfying way to get a pit out of an avocado is to whack it with your knife [whacks] and then give it a little half-turn, and it comes right out You can plant that, and you'll have an avocado in 40 to 50 years Now, to get the avocado out in nice little slices, just take a butter knife and uh, er, here we go, and just cut vertically We don't use a sharp knife for this, 'cause there's no need to go through the skin or through your hand

So just um, slices about–what is that, a quarter-inch thick? And then just gently run your knife blade around the edges to separate it from its skin Now, like a lot of my recipes, this'll actually make two servings Try not to think about that too much Um, you can eat two pieces of avocado toast nearly as easily as you can eat just one And uh, remember you're saving a lot of money by making it yourself

Lemme grab my toast You can toast it however hard or not-hard you want it And then basically you just put your avocado on here and kinda–kinda pinch it, and it should just come off Yep Now, this isn't gonna make it to Instagram, it's

I don't know Maybe if you did it the other way? Well, anyway, whatever Avocado, itself, has a very mild flavor, and so you may want to bring it out by salting it

I generally don't salt a lot of my food, but in this case, no harm done And, uh often it's served with red pepper flakes, and as you know, that's one of my favorite–oh boy! [laughs nervously] Anyway, that's uh, avocado toast Uh, I hope you liked it, and I hope you click "Like" And then, if you like videos like these with great advice about how to cook for yourself and feel better when you're uh, like single and you didn't mean to be; um, then subscribe and share it with friends Thanks for watching

[bites, crunches] Mm-hm! [bites, continues crunching]

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