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How To Cook Bacon In A Pan Perfectly by Rockin Robin


[UltraVid id=406 ]hey all you bacon lovers out there today’s episode I’m going to show you how to make or cook bacon perfectly now what does that mean the end result is a nice evenly cooked piece of bacon and it’s nice and crispy throughout the whole piece it’s super easy there’s a lot of little tips and tricks that you can do and it turns out perfect every single time so I’m rockin Robin and I’m going to show you how to do it right after this so let’s first talk about the bacon that we’re going to use now I like to use a brand called Applegate I’m not affiliated with them at all but I just like the product it’s uncured bacon which means that there’s no sodium nitrates in there as a preservative so keep in mind that the bacon won’t last as long in your refrigerator you’ll have to use it within a certain amount of time so to cook our bacon perfectly we’re going to start off by using a large frying pan and we want to put the temperature on medium-high heat now when we go to put the bacon into the pan this is really important here guys is to not overcrowd your pan with bacon when you want to light each piece of bacon down so that basically it has its own space it’s laying flat on the bottom of the pan this is really important so that it doesn’t curl up and then you know it will cook unevenly so once your bacon is starting to cook this next step is again super important you’re going to want to turn your bacon over frequently just constantly I never walk away from the pan either just stay right there with it keep turning those pieces over and what you’ll find is that the pieces in the center of the pan are going to cook up quicker than the ones on the outside of the pan so then you’re going to start rotating them out to the outside and you’re going to take the ones on the outside and of course put them into the inside so you’re just going to continue this process until you see the bacon is nice and evenly cooked and really getting nice and crispy as you’re cooking the bacon keep an eye on the temperature if it seems like it’s starting to cook a little too fast go ahead and turn the temperature down chances are you’ll never be turning it up but you’ll probably be turning it down so go ahead and do that once you see that the pieces are done just remove them from the frying pan usually you’ll find the ones you know a couple of them that are done first take it out on and place them onto a paper towel covered plate to cool and to you know catch the excess grease and just continue that until all the pieces are done to your liking and you know you’ve completed it now if you have more bacon that you need to cook then you can go ahead and do another batch you might want to remove some of the grease that’s already in there just so you don’t have too much so guys that’s how you make perfectly cooked bacon just follow my tips and it will turn out perfect every single time it does for me so just remember to you know spaced out your bacon in the pan don’t overcrowd it make it sure it’s nice and flat and you turn it over very frequently and you just keep cooking and make sure you turn down the temperature a little bit right at the end and you’ll have success with your bacon as well this stuff looks fantastic nice and crispy mmm so delicious evenly cooked throughout the whole piece to love it guys try that out if you enjoyed this video you know please share it on social for me and if you liked the video you know give it a thumbs up leave me a comment and if you haven’t subscribed yet go ahead and click that button up there and you’ll be notified every week when a new video comes out so thanks again for watching everybody we’ll see you next time you

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