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How To Cook Bacon on an Iron Skillet



Welcome back friends I have cooked bacon hundreds of times in my lifetime and I've had bacon hundreds of times and I have to say that out of all the times I've cooked bacon personally I've always done an okay job but I started researching it about two months ago and I think I finally figured out the correct way to make to cook bacon and to have it turn out decent so I'm gonna show you a couple of my tips I called bacon for dummies because I feel like I was a dummy for the last you know however many years I've been cooking this stuff and now I'm going to show you a couple of tips that I picked up one in the last like I said a couple of months and trust me I have been on all the websites I've baked it in an oven I've used different you know methods of cooking it on the stove and to me this is the absolute best way to cook bacon and you'll see I got a couple of tips I'm going to show you so anyway here we go okay the first thing you want to do is you want to get a good quality thick sliced bacon right here I'm using great value brand bacon I think this is Walmart's brand so and this is a thick sliced bacon and that is key number one is using thick sliced bacon I know some people probably have looked at slight thick sliced bacon over the years and thought to themselves I don't need thick sliced bacon but I'm gonna tell you something thick sliced bacon once it's cooked isn't really thick sliced bacon it just cooks down to what I consider to be restaurant sized bacon which is still thin but it's a little more palatable and you yeah you're gonna have less strips but you're gonna have a good quality bacon and this is the first tip I'm gonna give you tonight so okay tip number two is is I him I am now using an iron skillet when I make bacon and I think that cooking making an iron skillet really does help the flavor and it cooks the bacon pretty evenly and it comes out pretty easy too it doesn't stick to the bottom of the skillet so that's tip number two I'm going to be using an iron skillet one thing I want to tell you is is before I start cutting into the bacon package I always turn the sink on I get the sink going so that I don't have to touch the knobs or anything after I've gotten the bacon out that way I can go wash my hands and there's no cross-contamination of course when you're cooking bacon that's a big worry because pork is one of those things that you definitely don't want to get raw pork on anything and leave it behind so first thing I do is I turn my sink on and get that started so just letting you know that's just a little tip I you know then for myself you know actually for a few years and just kind of saved you from having to you know grab the handles or grab paper towels or whatever so and I'm also going to be cutting the bacon package open with scissors some bacon comes with a package that you can kind of pull open this bacon does not this bacon you definitely are going to have to get a knife or something to cut it open with I like to use scissors and cuts real nice and even get sharp pair of scissors and I just cut it right through there and then pull the bacon out so I get all the slices still just like they are the package real nice and even so that's the way you want to kind of keep them real nice and even like that so I'm just going to be pulling this slab right out it's still going to be on its black back around so okay now I'm gonna put some bacon in the frying pan and we'll get started I've got the heatset in between three and four that way it's going to cook for a long time but it's going to turn out good that way so that's how I like to do it you got to take a little bit of time when you're cooking bacon to get it turn out right so here we go I like to cook for pieces at a time I found it an iron skillet for pieces of thick-cut bacon that's about as much as you can get in there and have a cook evenly at one time you could probably get 5 pieces in there if you had a lot of patience and one of the keep moving it around constantly but four pieces you can get kind of in the middle it'll cook even later okay time for another tip and most people probably already know this but like I said this is bacon for dummies okay I've got two sets of tongs here okay I like my little fancy Asian tongs I love using these for all kinds of different stuff taking a friend of fridge fries out of my airfryer over here I like using them for all kinds of different things but bacon sometimes can be volatile so I like to use these longer ones so that way I can kind of stay away from them and I don't get bacon grease pop it up on my arm but then again for some of you that maybe feel like that's part of the thrill of living is filling that little sting I encourage you to go ahead use the little ones or maybe even try to use a spatula and dig around in it but I used to use this by actually years ago but I'm telling you right now you need a good set of tongs this one's pretty good and there's a little bit here somewhere I picked a little bit of bacon early like I said I've got a bit between a 3 and a 4 on electric skillet let's go get my iron skillet and feeling pretty good but this will cook a little slower and then easy little more easily than cooking it like let's say on a medium medium sometimes can cook it a little bit too fast you know don't go any higher really than the three or four on like this so and I like to try to make sure I keep the fatty you put fatty in push down best I can and keep the bacon moving around quite a bit so anyway I just keep an eye on it and I just keep moving it around and I will show you another one of my secrets as I wear a set of industrial glasses while I cook bacon because well more than one occasion I have actually had bacon grease fly back and hit me in the eyeball and then I've jumped around the kitchen like a jackass well it hurt so anyway a lot of times I'll wear either sunglasses are industrial glasses while I cook bacon I won't bore you this with details here but I just keep the bacon moving around so I'm just turning it keeping it pushed down and you can see it's cooking up nice and even and this takes oh this whole process of picking this big it takes about oh maybe 20 minutes for four pieces and there's some people think they don't have that much time if you want to get what good bacon I'd suggest you know that they'll give it give it the time take time when you're cooking bacon I'll probably be using this for bacon sandwiches sometimes all these in pieces I will actually push them down almost like I'm iron and like I'm doing an ironing job one while pushing down I'm gonna kind of conform to the skillet a little bit better and it does work just give them a good push down let make it sit there for a while let the heat work for you cuz I like those ends nice and crispy too so the bacon now is in my opinion cooked up to restaurant quality style this is about exactly the way I like it it's nice and crispy but it's not burnt so this will be nice and crisp when it's done and whenever after I pulled out let it sit for a minute I'll be good and crispy so like I said you see that it's not burnt it's just got a good bacon color you know like he's seen a picture at a restaurant or whatever and anyway I'm gonna go ahead and plate this bacon and we'll let the grace grease drain just a little bit from it inflate it I have the bacon that we just cooked and it's got a perfect coloring to it trying to get in here so you can really see it she's got a perfect color to it it's cooked evenly and I'm gonna give it a little taste here so snaps off just perfect I've got this dead hint of Chu in it hardly any at all good crispy bacon almost forgot my last little trick that I like to do when they're right after I cook the bacon is that for cools then I like to put the bacon in a plastic bag what I normally do is I take the bacon and I just move it off of the paper towel onto a plate and then I put the entire plate into one of these gallon paper bags or out plastic bags fits in there perfectly and you can seal it up and then I can stick it right through frigerator and tomorrow whenever whenever I'm ready to make perfect tomorrow anyway thanks again for watching and please subscribe like share and comment

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