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welcome to barbecue food for you the backyard barbecue show I'm Jason King today I'm gonna be showing everyone how to cook up an old El Paso taco kit on your barbecue that's quick easy and simple to clean up let's get started now today I'm gonna be using the Weber 26 inch kennel fueled with hardwood lump charcoal already got one chimney fired up waiting to get this started and we'll get everything rockin and rollin I'm starting with one pound of ground beef and that old El Paso standing stuff taco dinner kit let's crack this open you guys never had one of these they're super easy to cook I'd say the majority of people cook them in the frying pan the barbecue is so much easier take the supplied taco seasoning that comes with the kit and just mix it in with the meat get your hand in there mixing everything around getting everything nice and turned so everything gets a nice even coating barbecues fired up in the meat season take a sheet of aluminum foil and just simply fold it over so you got two layers here take a toothpick poke a few random holes you don't really need too many just to help the meat juices drain a little bit take the seasoned ground beef we seasoned with the old el Pasto taco kit and get it all out here and then spread it out so you just wanted nice and even you don't want big chunks so every piece gets a nice coating a smoke on it beef is seasoned and ready to go if you like to add other toppings like onions and peppers just sprinkle it on now they'll cook with the beef get a nice little kiss of smoke just be another layer of flavor so that's about a cup of onions and I have green peppers quick easy and everything's looking great get the lid on and let it cook just hit the 11 minute mark let's crack the lid and take a peek got running around getting all the toppings together but everything is ready to go this is looking pretty good you can see the majority of meats all pretty much cooked you need a little touch more in the middle but to get everything just sizzled up it's gonna slide it over the direct coals get a little bit of sizzle going on just to finish everything up only for a minute or two once the meat is nice and brown simply remove it and place it in a serving dish wearing a pair of heat-resistant gloves simply grab the aluminum foil and just pour the contents into the serving dish and you have perfect smoky barbecue taco meat check that out smells great place the shells on the indirect side of the cooker just for a minute or two just the heat and warm up the standard stuff taco shells are hot and toasted fresh off the barbecue now it's time to build your tacos use any type of ingredients and toppings that you like to taste I'm gonna start with some sour cream on the bottom just gives it a nice creamy little layer take some of the taco meat I've got those cooked onions and green peppers give that a good coating go in with a little bit of lettuce some of the old el Pasto salsa oops a little bit of tomato I'm gonna finish it off with some cheddar cheese simple easy barbeque taco under 15 minutes all done time to dig in and really put them to the test dogs under here alright I wanna drop tacos stuff on your doggy bang on smokey and got that nice old apostle taco Caesar name the top ends the cheese easy cleanup throw the piece of foil off the barbecue simple quick and delicious that's how you cook an old El Paso taco kit on the BBQ with ease now this recipe can't be done on any barbecue just set it up for indirect cooking just heat on one side and no heat on the other it's pretty easy if you like this recipe be sure to hit the thumbs up and subscribe because I have over a hundred and fifty new original recipes the world has never seen before it's easy to do barbecue food for you give it a try those drop the whole bunch I'm a dog you

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