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How to Cook Beef Stew


[UltraVid id=203 ]hello welcome to learn to cook calm table preparing a beef stew I like to use the meat which is under the what’s called a lifter muscle underneath the fat that is on the prime rib now for a stew has to be totally submerged in liquid we like to have a hot skillet we want to solve using a nice sea salt the meat liberally at this point you can also put some freshly ground pepper on there since they won’t be exposed to heat per se but I use garlic powder onion powder that works fine too or your favorite seasoning salt some nice all-purpose flour we’re just going to tossed or meat is slightly moist it’s nice when it’s slightly moist so that it’ll absorb a lot of that flour the excess flour you want to pet off put that in a small bowl so I like to use a olive oil or an edible oil since I’m not just searing the meat the oil becomes part of the dish so that’s why I’ll use olive oil this preparation you use corn oil any oil works fine a nonstick surface you’re going to want to sear that meat get some heat I have an infused oil so it sounds beautiful has rosemary basil and thyme in it well that’s getting hot and this in my little Dutch oven on my big Dutch oven here I have some fatback I have ground up in a little oil see that with fatback it’s nice to use that in a deep stew gives it a depth of flavor you don’t have to use pork I’ve also made some nice turn carrots for you nicely turn to oval shape I can just do a nice a nice a nice appearance that’s the beautiful red potatoes and I’m browning in that fat back and then oil and I have some parrots I’ve also sorry I also have some so we’ve cut up and let those brown nicely like to put those in my stew this is definitely hot right so be careful you want to bring yourself let’s put those pieces in toss them away from you I get some nice the color development does have to be blazing hot but you know one you want to be sure when you put them in the pan that it does you hear a sizzle otherwise you know it’s absorbing oil and that would be a bad thing so that’s the nice color on all those pieces you’re looking good so that flower helps these are the color that you like they’re all brown nicely and turn the heat off so I don’t have a flashback or a burn or doesn’t flame up thank you let’s start the cooking process anyway so that’s really nice now that the alcohol is bold off of it add some stock to that some beef stock will be fully on or you know beef broth in the can works perfectly well so we want our one-hour stew to be totally covered so it’s come to a boil for sure so now I will cover that look at a bay leaf I’m going to cover that in place set into a 350-degree oven for about hour and a half and then to check the tenderness okay with our beef stew you can see the liquid has thickened from the flour and the meat looks good but it’s still it’s still has but another hour it’s halfway through the cooking process so I’m going to add my beautiful vegetables as you as you recall the bacon fat bacon fat or fat back some garlic and the beautiful turn carrots some nice red potatoes and some beautiful celery this is more or less an old fashioned beef stew which is really nice to make and can be served with mashed potatoes would be nice with that that way the mashed potatoes can absorb all that lovely gravy or a sauce so I’m going to put this now back at the oven or finish it on the stovetop the final addition will be the courted mushrooms towards the end so that they don’t overcook but we’re ready to take a look at our beef stew we’ve made a beautiful old-fashioned beef stew let’s unveil it the steam coming off well it sure looks moist and colorful let’s check some of that meat and see is it tender look at breaks right in half you know someone would someone or some people commented or when it falls off the bone the needs connect well if it’s falling off the bone is overcooked and if it’s falling apart and this beef stew is overcooked so we want it to be able to separate it with your fingers or with your your teeth very nicely so I know you could enjoy this beautiful old-fashioned beef stew and thank you for joining us today see you next time

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