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HOW TO COOK : BiBimBab비빔밥 집비빔밥



there's a 2-week ebluebluelbuelbu How to Tuesday Today, I gonna make one of the famous dish in Korea Bibimbap with the ingredients that what you'd have at home all times so I'll go ahead and grab it there's a variety of ingredients so you can prepare for Bibimbab

I'll put a spinach What else? This is essential and whoever like spicy You might want to go and get it If you already have rice cooked that's great Like me (today) You wanted make rice first hand, Because rice will take majority of (cooking)time Fire up the rice and I'll need the lid I'm going to prep the topping ingredients Get stuff ready, 1/4 bunle of spanich, 1 Zucchini, 1 carrot and 1/2 onion Those are left from last time Unfortunately, last time I screwed up the video

so this is why I'm making another video There's few ingredients that will only go into the hot water That would be bean sprouts, spinach Onion, carrot, zucchini will be fried We'll go through cutting and wash The plate, prep little bit At the same time get another pot

If you have multiple hot spots, It will be really convenient I'm going to boil this one, in a meantime I'll prepare so for the spinach, those basically just rinse them you don't really have to wash it alot I gonna use half of it Seriously you don't need that much ingredients to make Bibimbab just gently rinse it that's what I do for washing a spinach good to go Just snap it half and get prepared Hey, what's going on in here problem solved With this bean sprouts as well, two handful Even some brand, they offer already washed, too

So you don't really have to do anything Easy-peasy these days So 2 ingredients are ready, while it's boiling (I will prep other ingredients) I will just use a half A carrot, just peel off For Carrot There's a two ways you can do The easier way that either you can use, the shredder or cheese grinder or you can use knife

if you're familiar with knife Then go with a knife, If don't just use a cheese grinder So there's option 1 the grinder Guess it's little nasty But it's really the convenient Some carrot is ready part over here Of if you use the knife just cut it as you would make it as same other (carrot) The pot is mad! Look at it, it's cooking well and with onion it's pretty much same Cut it well onion I don't think you can use the grinder So obviously you have to use a knife once maybe you might want to do some of cutting zucchini is pretty much same as carrot so if you want to, just cut it make a slices Oh those two pots are mad

let's see for spinach to put in So you gotta make move little fast on those Or you can prepare one by one yeah I'm just gonna shred it's easier, faster I'll show you the option And I'd like to go for the option When you're using grinder just be careful It easily makes your skin off So This is the option A This is the option B Spinach needs stir little bit You don't want to miss the crunchy taste Used the water doesn't really do anything so I use it twice (to save time) So let it boil Some kind of Spinach is done But it's not much As looking at it, not much One part of spinach is done Bean sprouts don't need to cooked long either Because you don't want to loose that crunchy Of the veggie Don't go beyond 5 minutes Pour it down You can also boil carrots, onion and zucchini as well that's an option that you fry Seems like rice is cooking well Put an oil a little bit I'd go for zucchini first and need a spatula now it's more musher and that's when it's time

it's done So zucchini is done There's a trick that you don't really use spatula at all Is that a spatula ? This is like Chinese style Carrot is done Lastly, is Onion So fry until it gets musher little mushy, Not too mushy Seems like it's done oh very last eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs One little difference in between Korea and US We don't have food disposal in Korea

so that's something Korea subscribers would like to see Yeah that's one off convenience in the US Rice is done And most important if you have a sesame oil Go Chu Jang (pepper paste) So this is fully vegetarian if you noticed It's a healthy for you makes you good So you got it it's a Showtime I see Korea now People who can't eat spicy there is an option you can alternate with soy sauce

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