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How to Cook Boneless Chicken Breasts –


[UltraVid id=288 ][Music] welcome to no recipe required so boneless skinless chicken breasts right there everywhere we all we all cook them all the time and you know frankly they are kind of a blank canvas one might say they’re a little boring but you can do almost anything with them they take flavors really really well but you gotta know the basics on how to cook them it’s really simple to do there’s actually a ton of different ways to cook them I’m gonna go over one kind of pan roasting method where we’re gonna sear it on both sides keep it nice moist juicy and getting them delicious outside crust on it let’s let’s go ahead and take a look okay let’s go ahead and show you how to pan roast a couple chicken breasts now I’m using the boneless skinless breasts that I pound out a little bit but you can absolutely apply the same techniques to everything when we talk about pan roasting I always start on top of the stove a good hot pan in some olive oil we want to get a nice sear on the on the chicken so I’m gonna lay it down you want to hear that nice sizzle if you don’t the the pan is not hot enough to port back up and get the pan another couple minutes you want to make sure your chicken is seasoned with whatever it is you use and my desk salt and pepper on there as well as like some some fajitas prices because that’s what I’m doing and this first step is really just about searing the outside of the chicken get a nice crust on on both sides and then we’re gonna finish it off oven I’ve got preheated to about 400 degrees after a couple minutes on nice high heat you’re gonna start seeing the chicken start to turn color and become a little take that means it’s cooking I haven’t touched it I flipped it one of the keys here is you don’t want to go messing with it every five minutes otherwise you ruin that perfect sear that you got on the on the other side portion that’s underside is now gonna get seared on that side and the heat the surrounding heat from the oven is gonna cook it all the way through and we’re gonna have our roasted chicken probably seven eight minutes in the oven so knowing when the chicken is done takes a little bit of practice a little bit of experience you can generally use kind of a field test the firmer get the more cooked it is and you won’t obviously chicken you gotta make sure it’s done now you can also use a meat thermometer you can also put it on a cutting board you look for the juices to run clear super-important any pan roast is to let the out let the meat rest so I’m just gonna pull these off to a cutting board and let them let them be really just sit let the juices relax for three or four minutes okay so after our chicken is rested you can go ahead cut serve however you want and you’re gonna get a beautifully moist nice tender perfectly cooked chicken with a nice you know seared outside tasty crust and it’s it’s absolutely wonderful that’s how we see her or that’s how a pan-roasted chicken breast and I’ll see you next time on no recipe required [Music]

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