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How To Cook Burnt Ends | Poor Man’s | Chuck Roast


[UltraVid id=332 ]hey everybody welcome to the real show barbecue today I’m going to show you how to make some easy great tasting burns using a chuck roast if you’re short on time and you don’t have all day to cook a whole brisket to me this is the way to go you can cook it in basically half the time or even less especially we’re gonna be using the pit barrel cooker as you can see it’s already smoking behind me you already got it set up and if you’re not familiar with the pit barrel cooker I’ll shoot up a link up here to one of my previous videos of how how it began and how we set it up and so forth it’s a great cooker I highly recommend it and today we’re also using wild cherry wood now I purchased a bunch of varieties of woods from a company called smokin licious and that’s without a G go ahead and check them out they can you can buy different types of woods you can buy them in chunks you can buy on the chip shavings basically anything that you want on there they’re a great company to deal with so I highly recommend them so let’s go ahead and get started on how we’re gonna prepare this chuck roast [Music] here is our chuck roast you’re looking at about two and a half pounds set roast roast this is basically the biggest that they had in the butcher shop and we’re gonna put a little bit of olive oil it was our binder on both sides we got some new product that we’re trying out and this is by frag out flavor and this is our salty so legit sergeant it’s a salty state and burger seasoning out again we’re gonna kind of put this on liberally just the salt in it looks pretty chunky so we may not have to put quite as much on there all right our next layer is going to be the Constitution which is a sweet and smoky type rub so we’re gonna try that okay got it on there again you want to get all the sides all the way around and get a good coating all the way around it we’re gonna let this sit for ten or fifteen minutes for some kind of let this start to melt in and kind of absorb some into the meat all right let’s go ahead and get this on the cooker get it right in here that’s a little sizzle going on put in our maverick instead remote just be getting into the thick part here okay see all right okay load this up and we going let it do its thing till we get about 165 internal and then we’re gonna wrap it in some butcher paper to get to where we want internal from there alright spend a couple of hours let’s see what we are at internal hopefully you can see that I know there’s a lot of smoke but that’s a great color on it see we are at around 160 there 165 there 165 166 I think we’re good to go ahead and take this guy off and wrap it in some butcher paper okay we’ve got a butcher paper won’t kind of wrap this up a little bit I’m just gonna kind of fold it over make sure it’s good and wrapped tight fold the sides under and we’re going to put this back on the smoker or the cooker until we reach about anywhere from 195 to 200 and then we’ll slice it up alright we’re right around 195 so we’re gonna go ahead and take this off and we’re gonna put it on the cutting board and cut it up alright let’s unwrap this I apologize if you see any flies I’m having to outside today so we’re having to kind of fight the Flies today there’s a lot of juice looks great it’s got some awesome color from that rub combination alright let’s see here if we can cut this up we’ll kind of cut it in cubes here let’s see it’ll set the grain is running across here I’m gonna try to cut it across the grain Wow it’s got a nice smoke ring to it slicing like butter alright let’s cut it across this way if your cubes are not perfect that’s fine I mean it’s not going to be perfect gotta cut up I think what I’m going to do is some of these larger pieces I’m gonna kind of cut those in smaller pieces I think we kind of got it where we want it to now so what we’re going to do is put them in a full pan go ahead and just dump these right in assaults we’re gonna be using is by veterans Hughes is their sweet heat I’m just one kind of eyeball it and we’re going to add some brown sugar to this as well again I’m just some kind of eyeball it and we’ll have a stir around that brown sugars will help it get it really really like candy look that glossy look and I’m going to put these right back into the cooker uncovered I’m gonna go ahead and take both of these rebars out and leave them out all right let’s check these out right quick thirty minutes in hope you can see this just a lot of bubbling going on if basically what we want so we’re gonna take these off and give them a try all right hopefully you can see this guys we got kind of a muggy day out here today but these things turned out great the smell is incredible again below in the show more session I will list everything at all the products that I use today be sure to check them out they’re great stuff so get out perfect perfect oh my goodness we are super tender fall apart basically they render down very well and that sauce just got a little bit of the heat to it because one of the seasons we use wonder rose we used had a little bit of a a little bit of a heat to it and then the sweet heat from the veterans Q barbecue sauce together it gives it a little bit of kick but not bad again if you’re you know Shlomi pushed on time and just can’t do all they cook basically just took to a three and a half close to four hours so not bad at all thanks so much for watching we really appreciate you supporting this channel if you’re not a subscriber please consider subscribing hitting that like button if you like what you see send me a message if you either something you’ll me to try that you would like to see on the video I’ll be glad to consider it we appreciate you all again so much god bless

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