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How to Cook Cabbage Southern Style !


[UltraVid id=427 ]okay so I’ve had some people ask me how I cook cabbage and I’m just going to show you real quick how I cut it up and cook it it’s very simple just regular cabbage I took all the outside layers off i washed it of course and i like to flip it over like this and just start with a big knife you need a big sharp knife and I’m just going to go right down the center of it okay just like that set this over to the side here now I’m gonna cut it in quarters to start out with and I’m going to cut that core out because you don’t like that part you’re not going to eat that part so I’m just going to take that core and cut it right out it just comes out like just like that and just throw that part away or if you have a rabbit or animal that likes it give it to them um take it and slice it down like that and it’s just going to come off as a nice little corner now I’m going to do it all four quarters like that see see that core it’s easier for me to do it this way okay now set that over there I’m going to take that corner again and this is just a simple way to have like um we call it fried cabbage but it’s not really fried it’s cooked in a frying pan and that confuses some people but I don’t use all or anything like that to do fried cabbage I’m just going to take those cores right out and then I’m just going to take the cabbage and slice it up and the smaller pieces like this you can do this when you’re making coleslaw to you know use cabbage for coleslaw and just cut it up just like that just small enough to where it makes it manageable I’m just going to break it off in the pan to where it kind of gets legs a little better in the pan it’s going to cook down some and that’s what you want but all I do for cabbage it’s basically like steamed cabbage it’s really really good and all I do for that is just cut it up put it in a pan this is a little faster not going to say I’m really good at it this is a little faster I’m just going to cut it up just like that put it all in the pan Jamaican man pan and now I’m going to do is add water and salt and pepper to the cabbage and that’s all I’m going to add and butter I use a whole stick of butter I use um salt and pepper and a little bit of water just enough in to put in the bottom of the pan just enough to say you have some water in there so it doesn’t stick or bond okay that pan might might not be big enough for the rest of this so I’ll do it like this alright sorry I wash my hands okay I’m just going to take just a little bit of water body mousse 3/4 of a cup to a half a cup of water and pour it in my pan just like that and salt and pepper you just want to lightly coat it with a little salt and a little pepper just lightly coat it you don’t want to make it overwhelming but it’s a good side dish for any any time you want to do it but I’m going to take a whole stick of butter and put right on top turn it on low to medium heat put a lid on it and let it cook and that’s all there is to it it’s very simple very good and we’re slowly just like that well it’s going to smoosh down a little bit now that’s going to cook down a good bit it’s going to cook down a lot to where it’s more manageable to where you can stir it and things like that I’ll show you that when I get to that part okay okay we’ve got our cabbage all done and that’s what it looks like when it’s all sweated down and it looks really good it smells my kids say it stains they don’t want the way it smells but it tastes really good it’s just steamed cabbage with butter and salt and pepper and that’s all you going to do is put it in a pan and put a lid on it let it cook for I say 3035 minutes and until everything’s nice and soft and not hard anymore you have it just softened up and kind of looks like that and as I sweat it down and then it’s ready to go thanks for watching

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