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How To Cook: Callaloo Soup/ Soupe (ndunda, biteku-teku, lenga-lenga)



Hello everyone! Thank you very much for coming on my channel! Today we are going to cook a delicious soup! The main ingredient of soup is a vegetable with which I grew and that some of you also know since childhood She is succulent! Stay tuned! The recipe of the day is amaranth leaf soup

We need amaranth leaves, carrots, sweet potatoes, salt, pepper, young onions, butternut squash, onions, some cloves of garlic, a vegetable vegetable broth, coconut milk and thyme I appreciate amaranth leaves since my childhood It is also called amaranth, efo head biteku-teku, ndunda This vegetable has several appellations in Africa It is also found in the Caribbean

It is a very good vegetable that we eat in many ways One day, I will perhaps make the recipe with which I grew up She is very very good! I like carrots in soup because I think it brings a lot of flavor and a slightly sweet taste to the soup It is very rich and good for health Now, let's do the soup! Let's start by sweating onions and garlic

The way we see that onions are cooked it's when they become translucent and more or less transparent That's when we know that onions are cooked I cook the mixture over medium heat Now the onion and garlic mixture is ready I add the young onions

I let it simmer for a few minutes stirring slightly Now the young onions are cooked, I add the carrots, butternut squash and sweet potato I mix everything I move everything while making sure that each ingredient is perfectly covered with oil The squash must be covered with oil, totally

Now I add thyme I remove the thyme from their stem this way It is very simple You can put the amount of thyme that you want I will put again some stems here

I mix everything again After putting thyme, I add a little salt and pepper I do not dirty too much, because I'm going to add broth which already contains salt I mix Everything is well mixed

And now, I add my amaranth leaves! Do not worry about the volume, like most vegetables the leaves wither I add gradually

Everything is well mixed Now, I add my vegetable broth and let it boil for a minute I add the coconut milk I go from medium to low heat Coconut milk should not be cooked at high temperatures So, I will reduce fire and mix

Let's cover the mixture, and let it simmer for 50 – 55 minutes over low heat See you later! It smells very good! Umm Sorry for the noise behind

I think my neighbor is mowing his lawn! To finish, we will use a mixer to mix everything! That's it, I think my soup has the right consistency Now, it only remains to taste Taste! Umm

that's good! I can smell butternut squash sweet potato, amaranth leaves It's just delicious! I just love it! Super good! Thank you very much for watching! Tell me if you have tried the recipe and what is the end result Send me the comments and photos of the recipe

I would really like to see them! We'll meet again at the next episode! Goodbye!

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