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How to Cook Chicken Breast


[UltraVid id=421 ]hey this is Tristan a hip cooks and we are in West Los Angeles today I’m going to show you how to make chicken breast and this is a pretty basic recipe how to prepare and pan-fried chicken breast and once it’s out of the pan you can pair it with anything so chicken parts at the grocery store tend to be large and tend to have this of course naturally they have this fatter thicker area for pan frying I like to make the chicken uniform in width so I take a piece of saran wrap put the chicken down on the saran wrap and cover it in this round wrap and I find something heavy and whack the chicken so that it becomes more uniform and width if you have a mallet that works too I chose a spoon today this also tenderizes the meat so then when you cut into it it’s nice and tender people will think you’ve worked magic on your chicken and then depending on what dish you make you can make it thinner or fatter I think I’ll go for about a half an inch just because I’m just doing a simple pan fry and call that good okay and wrap the chicken there could be a little extra bits of fat on the chicken I’m going to cut those off I’m not a fan of that if you don’t mind you can leave it on remember fats always added flavor so this one chicken breast is turned into a pretty large piece of meat which probably could serve two people so to prepare for the pan salts on both sides pepper too if you like pepper which I do and then I have a plate of flour here I’m just going to lightly Pat our chicken in the flour and shake off any excess just a little bit and then I also have bread crumbs and I’ll push those down in there so that some bread crumbs stick you can use the bread crumbs that you can find at the grocery store or if you want to make your own bread crumbs you can just tear up a piece of bread pop it in the oven for a little bit to dry it out and then stick it in a food processor and that’s what I did and you have nice fresh bread crumbs so it’s not something you have to go to the store to and get but some of you may have it in your cupboard okay so breadcrumbed chicken breast and we are ready to pan fry okay we’re ready to pan fry our chicken so I have about a half a tablespoon of butter in the pan and about a 1/2 a tablespoon of oil get our pan nice and hot and blend those two together so you can see I have extra bread crumbs on the plate please do not save those bread crumbs because they have come in contact with the raw chicken so you’ll just want to throw those out okay we’ve got some bubbling so the chicken will go in for about four minutes per side all right as soon as you start to hear a good sizzle then you can start thinking four minutes per side which it’s starting to do now when I have that on a high heat and as soon as it does start that sizzle I’ll probably turn it down to medium okay it’s been about four minutes so the chicken breast is ready to flip to the other side yummy nice golden-brown little darker I like it that way so it’s looking good to me and this will sit for another four minutes okay it’s been four minutes and our chicken is done the burner is off and I’ve given it a bit of a poke with my finger and tested the firmness of it and since it feels quite firm I know that it’s done that’s a really good way to start testing whether or not or whether or not your meat is done or well done medium rare rare etcetera so when you first put in your chicken give it a test and start to understand how the meat feels and that can help you determine the doneness of your meat this is completed so out onto a plate I consider that two or three servings and serve it up for dinner and that is how to cook a chicken breast enjoy thanks for watching if there any other dishes you’d like to see me prepare please send us an email at request at Mahalo com and in the meantime check out our other videos you [Music]

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