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How to Cook: Chicken Curry |CharismaticCook



Hi Guys! Welcome! We are here with this amazing person Beautiful inside and out My dear friend Feeba Hi! Hi Patty! Patty: How are you? Feeba: Doing well and how are you? Patty: Good and we are going to make this amazing dish its Indian food and we are going to share with you How we make it and how to prepare it And Feeba? Patty: Thank you Thank you so much Feeba Stay with us we are going to make this amazing plate you are going to love it! its so tasty you can't even imagine Patty: Be right back thank you Feeba! Woohoo! Thank you Feeba! And I am wearing this beautiful dress its from India it's just amazing the clothes are gorgeous thank you So let's go make Chicken Curry I want to say thank you to all my friends from Kerla India

Hi Guys Thank you, Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe We are going to make today Chicken Curry with my dear friend Nancy Nancy: I like it spicy Patty Please? I hope you guys like it We are going to start with the Chicken I will be right back Come on let's go okay guys! The first thing you have to do for your Chicken Curry is going to be the chicken We are going to marinate it I have just thighs and you can substitute the thighs for the whole chicken with bones I don't have any here but it would be good too with the bone because of the flavor obviously but I have just thighs and I have cut it into small pieces and I'm going to need 4 Garlic Cloves and if you have the big ones you only need two and some ginger and the thing you have to do is use your grater and grate everything here with the ginger because I'm Mexican remember that I'm going to use my molcajete because its easy for me but whatever you can use if you want to use the machine thats fine too and after that Salt 1/2 a teaspoon Garam Masala and you can get all the ingredients in the Indian store and this is Tumeric and this is half a teaspoon and I am going to use some yogurt its plain yogurt its going to be half a cup around that just to cover your chicken and after that we are going to mix it and we are going to leave it in the fridgerator for around one hour If you can leave it for the whole night the flavor is going to be amazing! its going to be good but since if you don't have much time one hour is just fine Okay lets start making this and lets head off to the next step The first thing you are going to do is add the yogurt this is a plain one and do you remember I did the garlic and ginger? Okay its time to add it in with the Tumeric, Garam Masala and salt everything is 1/2 teaspoon Weeeee! Okay guys my Chicken is resting I'm going to need If you have big ones only 2 or 3 Just two because they are very very strong Okay guys my tomatoes are ready and everything I'm going to cook it for a few minutes to let all the flavor go together alright at this point I'm to cover it with everything I'm going to cook this for around 40 minutes until its cooked and I'm going to add my cinnamon and the bay leaves I'm going to be checking every 15 minutes and I'm going to cover it and let it cook 40 to 45 minutes until its cooked Okay now it's almost 45 minutes of cooking and and I'm going to add the curry leaves This is my homemade Chicken Curry Okay guys! Our Chicken Curry is Delicious and I'm going to try right now and thats the hard part but you know that right? and I want to show you my plate The smell is just delicious let's try my rice I made white rice I didn't make Mexican but it would be the same any rice that you want to make is fine Vidriani rice we should make that one okay Mmmm! It's not too spicy I didn't put too much but if you want the strong flavors you can add more spices now it's up to you This one is perfect for my family and with the curry leaves you can cut them into smaller pieces it would look prettier I love it and you can add potato and you can add more vegetables but that is up to you I love you guys thank you for your love and support I appreciate everything and thank you for this amazing dresses

See you next time make it at home take a picture Post it on Instagram and show me your amazing recipe Remember There is no right way or wrong way simply do it your way! See you next time thumbs up subscribe and share my recipe! Bye Bye! Hmmm Nancy: I think Patty needs a little more chili Patty: Nancy don't think about it! Don't put more Chili! Nancy: I'm just kidding! Thanks for watching see you next time Bye Bye

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