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How to Cook Chicken Lumpia



welcome to PanlasangPinoy today we'll cook Chicken Lumpia here are the ingredients ground chicken or "giniling na manok" carrot, minced onion, minced 1 pc of egg ground black pepper Knorr SavoRich Chicken Liquid seasoning, 2 sachets of 16g pack and we also need cooking oil here's a complete list of ingredients for our chicken lumpia if you're ready, let's start it's very simple, we'll combine all the filling ingredients here's the minced yellow onion

To finely chop it, you can use a food processor so it's convenient for you here's the minced carrot, I also used food processor it's not tiring compared to chopping it manually, right? add ground black pepper it's very simple and crack 1 pc of egg after adding egg, mix well make sure ingredients are mixed and add Knorr SavoRich liquid seasoning it's very simple, tear the corner and pour into the mixture I was amazed the first time I used this product because it makes our recipe very easy We don't need so many ingredients anymore here's the 2nd sachet we'll know what I mean with all the flavor it has once you have tried it mix well, make sure all ingredients are well blended because next step is folding it in the lumpia wrapper it's now ready, we can now fold it in a wrapper get ready with the wrapper scoop the ground chicken mixture get 1 – 15 tablespoon of mixture on the wrapper fold the end to cover the mixture then fold the sides to secure the mixture then roll, apply a bit of pressure to make sure it's intact the wrapper and filling so it's intact Apply water to seal it repeat the steps it's important to apply water because we don't want our lumpia to uncover while frying get ready with the new lumpia wrapper then repeat, scoop mixture and put on the wrapper fold at the end to cover then left and right to secure the filling then roll then apply water to secure the wrapper it's ready it's very simple and you can surely do it

Repeat steps until you finish the mixture then let's deep fry it's now ready deep fry per batch More cooking oil, the better once cooking oil is hot, 260-280 deg F Not very hot so the outside part won't get burned quickly don't set the heat very high because we still need to cook the raw chicken inside we don't want to brown the wrapper while having raw meat inside so cook between low-medium heat for 8 min while frying, flip it to balance the color base on my timer, it's on 7 min 35 sec

, it's almost done flip if needed and get ready with the plate I'm going to transfer this in a plate with paper towel it's better to place it standing up so this time, I'm using a loaf pan, the tool I use in banana cake with paper towel see the paper towel, this will absorb the excess oil of the lumpia and place in our container continue with the next batches until we finish all the lumpia once we fried all the lumpia, transfer in a serving plate, together with our favorite dip here's our chicken lumpia come, let's eat!

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